We offer two adventure packages here at TimberTop Adventures. Our Go Wild adventure is available to all climbers that are 8 years of age, or older. Adult supervision/a climbing adult is required for all climbers under 16 years of age, but those who are 16+ can climb without adult supervision as long as our waivers have been signed by their legal guardian.   Do you have kids younger than 8? Not a fan of heights? No problem! Our second adventure package, Low

The safety of our climbers, as well as our staff, is our highest priority at TimberTop Adventures. Here are 9 ways we prioritize your safety: We use the Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which keeps users locked into the course from the moment they climb on, to the moment they step off. We use the latest helmets that can take up to 8 kilo-newtons of force (that's a lot!).  We use full body harnesses. We make it

You can save 10% off of regular admission when you come in with a group of 10 or more people. This discount can be applied to either our Go Wild or Low & Go adventure. Better yet, save 20% off regular admission to our Go Wild adventure when you come in with a group of 20 or more people. These discounts are automatically applied when you book with us, including online. All the more reason to come out for a

With the addition of our 3 new courses over the winter, TimberTop now has a grand total of 11 courses, making us one of Canada’s largest treetop aerial adventure parks! With 11 courses, and 4 different levels of difficulty, we truly have something for everyone.   Did you know, each of our courses are named after an animal native to the area? Hop to It, one of our starter courses, is named after the rabbits we’ve seen hopping through the trees!   Join us