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The FAQ page for our TimberTop Adventures aerial adventure summer/autumn experience at Dominion Park can be found here.

What is TimberTop Zip Tours?

TimberTop Zip Tours is a brand new winter and spring experience located at Snider Mountain Ranch just outside of Sussex, NB.  This experience is brought to you by the same folks who bring you TimberTop Adventures in Dominion Park in Saint John, which is one of Canada’s largest treetop aerial adventure parks and the number one ranked park of its kind in Canada on TripAdvisor. TimberTop Zip Tours is different from TimberTop Adventures in that it is a guided zip line tour.  The zip tour includes incredibly long and thrilling zip lines and ends at a campfire with hot chocolate and cookies followed by a horse-drawn sleigh or wagon ride (or pulled by tractor depending on road conditions) which returns guests to the ranch. TimberTop Zip Tours is like TimberTop Adventures in that you’ll be secured with our top-of-the-line smart carabiner system which keeps guests locked into the course at all times, along with helmets and full-body harnesses.

How do I find TimberTop Zip Tours?

The easiest method to finding directions to TimberTop Zip Tours is to search for it on either Google or Apple Maps. In both cases it will take you directly to the correct address.  You can also search for Snider Mountain Ranch.  If you are using an older vehicle GPS please make sure that your directions don’t incorrectly take you on the Bunnell Road, as this is a dirt road next to the ranch and one that is not plowed in the winter.  Best to stick to the #10 as well as Snider Mountain Road.  There is also directional signage on both of these roads to Snider Mountain Ranch that will help guide you.  When you arrive make sure to go to the Service Entrance parking lot.  You will find our office straight ahead and to the left as you enter the parking lot.  Look for the signs in the windows.  Please note that advanced bookings are required but bookings certainly can be made the same day (subject to availability).  Due to the limited number of tours available we highly recommend booking early.

What can I expect as part of my TimberTop Zip Tours experience?

When you arrive at the ranch you will be looking for the signage indicating the Service Entrance.  As you enter the parking lot you will notice the Snider Mountain Ranch office to your right and straight ahead on the far left of the ranch building you will notice the signage in the window for our TimberTop Zip Tours registration office. As you leave your vehicle make sure to bundle up in your warm clothing, your winter gloves with leather-like palm that you don’t mind getting extra wear, your liner-type hat that will fit under the helmet we will fit you with for your tour, and lots of excitement for the adventure ahead!  There are washrooms to the right of our office so it would be best to have everyone in your group use them before they get harnessed up.

When you enter our office you will be checking in first where we will confirm your booking with a government issued ID or the credit card you used to book your adventure.  We will also confirm that everyone has a waiver completed.  Our staff will then assist you in putting on a harness and helmet.  Once the group is ready you guides will take you down the hill for a quick training demonstration on how to navigate the courses and use the safety equipment.  Your guides will be traveling with you throughout the tour experience.

With training compete, participants will climb the stairs to the start of the course and will lock into the course using their smart locking carabiners. The group will now enjoy zipping from tree to tree, sometimes from heights of around 36ft.  Between some of the platforms there will be walking bridges or stairs.  The course has been designed to be easily accessible to a wide range of people of various levels of fitness.

When your group reaches the end of the course they will descend back to the ground using a set of stairs.  On the ground one of the guides will assist in removing harnesses and helmets and participants can now gather around the campfire to warm up.  A guide will serve hot chocolate and delicious homemade cookies to the group to enjoy while they await the arrival of their horse drawn sleigh or wagon back to the ranch.  When your ride arrives (depending on snow conditions) participants will climb aboard and enjoy an approximately 15-20 minute journey back through the beautiful forest setting that they just experienced from above.

When back at the ranch and our registration office, guests will have the option to purchase merchandise as a memento of the day.  We have a selection of hoodies and sweatshirts to pick from in various colours and sizes as well as ball caps.

What are the age and weight requirements?

To participate at TimberTop Zip Tours, guests must be 8 years of age or older and weigh less than 270 pounds (123 kg) dressed in outdoor clothes and boots.  Please note, that there must be a minimum of one adult participant (19 or older) if your group has participants under 16 years of age. 

How do I book my TimberTop Zip Tour experience?

All guests must have a booking in advance of arrival.  Since spots are very limited with this experience we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment. You can book your spot easily online. If you have any issues booking online or wish to book via phone, call us at 506-657-6060 or 1-833-657-6060 during office hours and we’d be happy to book your space for you over the phone. Please be prepared to pay the full amount for your experience at the time of booking.

Can I use gift certificates from TimberTop Adventures when booking by TimberTop Zip Tour?

Absolutely!  TimberTop Zip Tours is part of TimberTop Adventures Inc. family so you may use all or a portion of your gift certificates when booking your experience online or by phone.

How physically fit do I have to be to participate in a TimberTop Zip Tour?

The focus at TimberTop Zip Tours is on the zipping experience in the trees vs. creating challenges to be overcome.  As such we’ve made the course at Snider Mountain Ranch much more accessible to those of varying degrees of fitness.  Participants enter and exit the course by use of a standard staircase. On the occasion that participants move from platform to platform where there isn’t a zip line they traverse either a walking bridge or set of stairs, all the while connected to a safety line.

What happens if it’s raining or snowing on the day I booked my experience?

We are open rain, snow or shine, so you can still visit us for your zip tour experience.  If you are looking far ahead in the forecast and may wish to reschedule or TimberTop Zip Tours decides that weather does not make a tour day possible for safety reason please see our rescheduling and cancellation policy for more information.

Can friends and family watch from the ground?

At the beginning of the course and around the lake area, friends and family can watch the participants kick off their tour.  Beyond this area the participants quickly disappear deep into the wooded area with their guides up in the trees. If family and friends want something to do while participants are gone now for approximately 90-100 minutes they may want to read “What else can I do at Snider Mountain Ranch?” below.

What else can I do at Snider Mountain Ranch?

Once the temperatures drop enough, the lake next to the ranch freezes thick and the ranch staff begin to clear the snow off the lake for skating.  There is also a hill for sliding and lots of trails for cross country skiing.  So make it a day and bring along your skates, toboggan and/or skis to fully enjoy what the ranch has to offer.

You mention that spots are limited for this experience – why is that?

There are limited spots available due to the fact that this experience is offered as a guided zip tour and because seats on the sleigh or wagon are limited due to the weight the horses can pull.  In addition, the zip tours will primarily be only offered during the weekends during the winter and early spring and due to limited daylight hours, only 5 or 6 tours of up to eight participants only will be offered during the days we are open.

Are there washrooms onsite?

Yes.  There are two washrooms in the hallway next to our registration office. We recommend that you use the washroom prior to getting harnessed.  There is also a newly constructed outhouse at the end of the zip tour not far from the campfire site.

Do I need to have a booking prior to arrival at the ranch?

Yes, we require that all customers book in advance of arrival. Same day advanced bookings are entirely possible – subject to availability.  We recommend booking as much in advance as possible because there is a very limited tours during the winter and spring season.  Bookings can be completed online 24 hours per day or by phone during office hours at 506-657-6060 or toll-free at 1-833-657-6060.

What should I wear for my TimberTop Zip Tour experience?

We recommend wearing warm comfortable clothing that allows you to be active and that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Please note that gloves are mandatory at TimberTop so you should bring a pair that is warm and has leather-like palm or equivalent to provide grip and durability. We recommend you wearing any gloves you don’t mind getting potentially scuffed up.  We also don’t recommend knitted gloves or mittens as they will not provide the level of grip, durability or dexterity you will need while on the course. If you don’t have any suitable gloves we have some summer gloves available which can be purchased along with a knitted liner for $6.50 plus tax for adult/youth sizes. These will not be enough warmth for many so should be considered a last resort during the colder days.

The choice of a head covering is also important.  It should be warm but also thin enough to comfortably fit under a helmet (liner type hat).  We don’t recommend any hat or tuque that has a pompom on top as it will not be comfortable.  If you have long hair, make sure it’s tied back if it would be sticking out from underneath your helmet.

Finally, like with any colder weather sport, you should be dressed in the appropriate outerwear for the temperatures and weather outside.  Please keep in mind, like downhill skiing, you will be going fast on the zip lines and creating your own extra windchill factor.

What should I bring with me?

The person in your group who made your booking will need their government-issued photo ID or the credit card used to make the booking for verification. We will need to use either of these to verify your booking upon check-in. As well, if any of your party selected the student rate and are 19 or older, they will need to display their valid student ID at check-in. For those who opted for the senior rate (65+), they will need to display a valid government issued ID at check-in that includes a birthdate.

Dress warmly: We suggest that you dress appropriately for the weather much like you would if going downhill skiing.  Please note that, like when skiing downhill, when you are zipping you are essentially creating your own wind chill factor so add an extra layer to be safe. You will be wearing a helmet so make sure that you have a liner type hat that can keep you warm but be thin enough to fit under a helmet.  Hats with pompom on top would not be comfortable so it is best to avoid them.  Please wear footwear that can keep your feet and ankles warm, generally meaning a good pair of winter boots.  And finally it is important to keep your hands and fingers warm while also ensuring you are able to easily grip and operate the carabiners and zip pulley.  Like our Dominion Park location, wearing gloves is mandatory and your gloves should have a leather-like palm or equivalent that offers extra grip.  The gloves you wear should be ones which you don’t mind receiving some extra wear on. If you only have knitted gloves we will have our summer climbing gloves for sale at the ranch which may be able to be used over your own gloves by going a size or two up.

Hair elastics for long hair should be used if your hair will peek out from your hat and helmet. 

You will also be required to submit your completed online waiver before you arrive.  You will receive an email with a link to the waiver once your reservation is confirmed.

Please plan what items you plan to leave at home, in your vehicle, in a backpack or fanny pack or in your pockets.

Will there be any staff or guides on the course with me?

Yes. As a zip tour guides/staff members will be with you throughout your experience from checking in, harnessing, training, and zipping to serving you treats at the campfire and accompanying you back on the sleigh/wagon ride.

While on the zip tour, should you get into a situation where you feel you need additional assistance of any kind. Our guides have received in-depth and specific training just for this purpose.

When do I need to arrive?

You should plan your trip to the ranch so you arrive before your zip tour start time in order to ensure you are not late. Please remember that you are most likely driving to a new place and dealing with some winter-like conditions.  Factor in time for parking, putting on winter clothing, finding our office, using the washrooms, etc.  Due to the fact that other zip tours are planned throughout the day, late arrivals will unfortunately mean you will miss your tour.  Please note: waiver forms must be completed in advance. Note that any participating minors under 19 years of age must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian ONLY (sorry but we cannot make any exceptions to this requirement.)

Is it safe?

Safety is our number one priority (ensuring you have a good time is a very close second!). We use a top-of-the-line Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which ensures the participant can’t accidentally unclip themselves from the safety line while up in the trees on the zip tour. Participants are always secured with at least one carabiner until their feet are back on the ground. We also use the latest helmets and full-body harnesses to further ensure your experience is the safest it can be.

In addition to our yearly and monthly inspections, our staff also physically inspect the entire course daily before guests arrive and we also perform a multipoint inspection of the safety gear used by our guests after each use so the harnesses, helmets and smart safety belays ready to go when the next guest arrives.

Why are helmets and gloves mandatory?

Based on best practices for customer safety and comfort in our industry, we require the use of specially designed helmets, which we include as part your zip tour. Please wear a liner-type hat so it can comfortably fit under your helmet. It is important to keep your hands and fingers warm while also ensuring you are able to easily grip and operate the carabiners and zip pulley.  Like our Dominion Park location, wearing gloves is mandatory and your gloves should have a leather-like palm or equivalent that offers extra grip.  The gloves you wear should be ones which you don’t mind getting potentially scuffed up. If you only have knitted gloves we will have our summer climbing gloves for sale at the ranch which may be able to be used over your own gloves by going a size or two up.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

Sometimes the best way to overcome your fears is to face them head-on. While some of our Snider Mountain Zip Tours platforms reach a height of approximately 36ft, you’ll be locked into the zip tour course using our state-of-the-art smart carabiner system, so there’s no better – or safer – place to conquer your fear of heights. In addition, our staff are trained to encourage you and provide advice if you feel stuck at any time. Give it a try! You may be totally impressed by what you can accomplish. .

When is TimberTop Zip Tours open?
Please note the advanced bookings are now required. Hours and dates below are subject to change. 

TimberTop Zip Tours Hours:

December 4, 2021 to April 10, 2022

Saturday/Sunday – 9:30am-4:30pm*

Special Open Days – December 28 & 29, 2021 and January 4, 2022*

Weekdays – Closed

*- Closed on December 25 & 26, 2021 as well as January 1, 2022.

Please note: Our other location, TimberTop Adventures at Dominion Park, is currently closed for its season but will be opening up again for its 5th season in mid-May 2022.