Group Pricing

Want to share the adventure with your friends & family? TimberTop offers special pricing for groups of 10 or more so that everyone is given the chance to get outside and discover the wonders of nature.

Visit our GROUP PRICING page for info regarding deals for groups of 10 or more for Go Wild, Go Wild Express, Go Wild Ultimate Bundle, and Little Whiskers.

*For groups of 20 or more for all options listed above, contact us. 

Do you, or someone you know, have a birthday coming up? Visit our Toad-ally Radical Birthdays page for pricing and details.


We require adult supervision for all climbers under 16.  The supervising adult must be climbing in the courses with children ages 8-11. Supervising adults of adolescents 12 and older can watch up to 5 climbers from the ground. Those aged 5-6 who are on the Little Whiskers courses must be accompanied by at least one adult (18+) and one other person (9+), who must also participate in the courses with one going ahead and one going behind to assist the junior climbers. 7 year olds on Little Whiskers can climb alone with a supervising adult watching every 2 climbers from the ground.

Corporate Events

Looking to get out of the office? TimberTop is the perfect place to give your team the break they deserve. Exploring our courses makes for a unique team-building experience.

You’ll work together to solve problems, conquer obstacles, and leave feeling totally accomplished and better-connected. You already know your team works well together in the office – now put yourselves to the test with our fun, challenging, and exhilarating courses!

Beyond team-building, the TimberTop experience combined with our beautiful setting in Dominion Park makes for an unforgettable company event. Picture it: navigating from tree to tree and conquering obstacles together in the afternoon, followed perhaps by a BBQ next to the beautiful Dominion Park Beach. We can also help arrange a joint program with Go Fundy Events if you are interested in adding a kayaking option. To book an outing at TimberTop for your next company event, please contact us.

PS. With over 100 paved parking spaces, washroom facilities, a playground and an outdoor basketball court also at your disposal Dominion Park could be the perfect next location to stage your company picnic this summer.  Let’s explore that!


Our natural playground is the perfect place to bring students, teams and parties. If you’re looking for something fun, active and totally unique – we’ve got it right here.

Kids will grow valuable problem-solving skills, learn to step outside their comfort zone, and gain an appreciation for nature.

Consider TimberTop for your next field trip with your class or camp. Your students will connect with nature in a way that’s memorable and completely hands-on, while gaining an appreciation for the importance of responsible stewardship of our local forests. Our location in Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark also offers an excellent opportunity to learn about our region’s geological history.

We are particularly well-suited to welcoming Outdoor Education classes. Students taking ‘Outdoor Pursuits’ aim to develop an understanding of self, others, and the natural world. Navigating our challenging courses builds confidence and problem-solving skills, and working together to conquer obstacles develops teamwork and communication. All of this combined with our spectacular forest setting in Dominion Park makes TimberTop ideally suited to your class’ next excursion.

Beyond formal education classes, we welcome church groups, wellness events, and more. We’re also a fantastic option for an unforgettable safe grad. Please note that any minors participating in a TimberTop adventure must have their waiver form signed by a parent or guardian.

We’d love to help plan out your next group event so please contact us.


Our park is gorgeous in all seasons. Special group booking in the off-season allows guests to experience everything that our location has to offer.

Have an exclusive get-together with a minimum of 25 people. You’ll have the chance to have the entire park to yourselves, with our staff looking after you.

Special occasions call for special bonding and unlimited access to all our course elements.

Please give us at least one week to help us schedule in your visit. Subject to availability.

Pricing starts at $849.99 plus HST for a visit of 3 hours, plus 30 minutes of additional safety training.

We’d love to help plan out your next group event so please contact us.