25 ways we take aerial adventures to new heights!


TimberTop Adventures aims to provide a fun, unique climbing adventure, and to deliver the best safety & customer experience to our visitors. Here are 25 ways that we take treetop aerial adventures to new heights!

  1. We use full body harnesses.
  2. We provide helmets for each of our climbers.
  3. All of our climbers wear gloves for extra comfort. Customers can bring their own, or purchase them onsite.
  4. Our climbers can weigh between 45 and 270 pounds – but don’t worry, our scales only show colours, not numbers!
  5. Our smart-locking carabiner system is an industry-leader in safety! You are locked in from the moment you start climbing through the moment you complete a course.
  6. Our zip line pulley is connected to your harness – ready to go when you are!
  7. Our gear is checked after every use.
  8. Our guides are visible from the courses, and are there to encourage you, and assist you if you need to exit a course early.
  9. Our friendly staff are here to provide you with the best possible experience. Feel free to check out our awesome reviews, and see what customers have to say about our amazing staff!
  10. We have 11 courses to choose from, making us one of the largest parks in Canada!
  11. We give you time – you pick courses! Take up to 3 hours with our Go Wild adventure, and up to 90 minutes on our Low & Go adventure.
  12. Avoid line ups by picking which order you want to complete courses in! Keep in mind our more difficult courses have prerequisites.
  13. Along with climbers 5-7 years of age, adults can also enjoy our starter courses!
  14. Thirsty up in the courses? We offer a refreshment tab to climbers.
  15. Step off a platform nearly 4 stories up in a tree with our Flying Squirrel attraction! It is included in our Go Wild package.
  16. We sell season passes for our Go Wild adventure! Our season runs from May to October.
  17. We have an awesome beach-side location! Bring your swim trunks and go for a dip after your climb.
  18. With benches located throughout the courses, friends & family can go for a stroll on our many wood-chipped trails, and then have a seat and relax and watch you climb!
  19. We searched the world high and low for the most creative obstacles we could find, and built them here!
  20. We have senior, military and student discounts. Don’t forget the appropriate ID to get the discount.
  21. We have 6 birthday party packages for ages 5 through 11!
  22. We have special packages for schools. Bring your students out for a fun day in the trees!
  23. Our courses go from starter to triple black diamond. There is something for everyone!
  24. We are part of the Pledge 1% movement, we pledge 1% of sales and 1% of product back to help support our community.
  25. Book online, book over the phone, or walk-in!


Video audio composed and performed by Alec Alston