Travellers' Choice Award

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible team and reviews from our awesome customers we received that coveted Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2020.  According to Forbes magazine, only 4817 businesses worldwide received this award out of a total of 8.7 million businesses listed on TripAdvisor.  In addition to our 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, we are also honoured to currently have a 4.9 star rating on Google and a 5 star rating on Facebook.  Again, thank you to our dedicated and hardworking team for always aiming to create an memorable experience and to our amazing customers for taking the time to share their experiences as reviews online.

Ranked #1 Outdoor
Activity in New Brunswick

TimberTop has repeatably been ranked as one of the top outdoor activites in all of New Brunswick since 2019 on TripAdvisor. In fact, we have consistently been in the top 100 outdoor activities in all of Canada as well.  We are also very proud to be Canada’s highest ranked aerial adventure park in TripAdvisor’s combined ZipLine and Aerial Adventure Parks category as well!

The TimberTop Experience

Right from the very beginning, our team set out to create a truly unique experience when it comes to treetop aerial adventure.  We wanted it to be more than just climb a tree, go on a simple challenge.  TimberTop Adventures provides a fun, unique climbing adventure, and delivers the best safety & customer experience to all of our visitors. Here are 22 ways that we take treetop aerial adventures to new heights.

Customer Reviews

We are so appreciative to all of our amazing customers for leaving reviews of their experiences.  Below is a sample of just some of the hundreds of reviews that have been left over the past few years since we opened in 2018.

Matt W. Avatar

Awesome... way better than going to the gym. Rigorous, yet very fun. Great staff. At least 400% better than Treego.

Matt W.
Amber G. Avatar

5 star rating Great Saint John attraction! My husband and I just got done literally 40 mins ago. Staff is knowledgeable,friendly, and goes out of their way to make the experience great. Their equipment is top notch and I never felt the least bit unsafe on any of the tight ropes or dangling in the harness. It was a little more expensive than expected but honestly you get what you pay for. It's completely worth it!

Amber G.
Seaseeker11 Avatar

5 star rating For adventurers big & small They say that time spent among trees is never wasted time. Timbertop takes this to the next level with its awesome setting, very cool treetop challenges and ziplines and its general vibe. All of the staff we encountered were super friendly, knowledgeable and just seemed happy - which says a lot about how this place is run. I definitely recommend a visit!


Jeff R. Avatar

So many things are done so thoughtfully well at this place but they especially nailed it when it comes to their staff. This is the dream team of helpful, engaged, positive, social people who love playing in the woods so much that it's infectious. We had an amazing day being challenged in a mosquito-free forest - even our 5 year old got on a harness and climbed through the trees! A thoroughly New Brunswick experience!

Jeff R.
AndrewD2541 Avatar

5 star rating Timber top Great time, Lots of fun. Would strongly recommend!
Also good prices. The staff were very nice, helpful and well Knowledged with all of the equipment.

Julie M. Avatar

5 star rating Great day with the family Kids and I had a great day climbing through the trees...climbing opportunities for all levels. Two yello runs for small kids, green for those who are older and who are just trying for the first time. Blue trails for those who are more adventureouse and then black and double black for the daring tree climbers. Great way to spend time with the family.

Julie M.

Gena F. Avatar

We had a great time at Timbertop Adventures! The courses are challenging and fun. Our trainer, Ethan, was very friendly and professional as he got us into our harnesses and guided us through the training course. All of the staff throughout the course were helpful! We will definitely be back. Highly recommend!

Gena F.
Matthew W. Avatar

Rugged and challenging but also super fun. Far better than TreeGo. Friendly staff, best of safety technology

Matthew W.
Denise B. Avatar

5 star rating Fun day with family We went with my niece and cousin's kids.Also my 67 year old aunt went. They all had a great time..sure they will try it again

Denise B.

Christine A. Avatar

Loved the challenge of climbing, swinging, balancing, zip lining, and of course the flying squirrel! Can’t wait to go back.

Christine A.
Mary C. Avatar

My 9 year old grandson and I went to see Timber Top and we were VERY impressed Fantastic set up, very safe, challenging for all levels. Excellent staff. Wonderful addition to Saint John Can’t wait to return

Mary C.
Emma K. Avatar

I went with my Nan, aunt and cousin (who is a few years younger than me). We all had a blast! It was by far one of my most favourite memories of the summer and I’ve already been saying this summer has been the best. The staff were very kind and helpful. They made us laugh and feel safe. They knew what they were doing I was not at all worried about actually getting hurt, either the two clips we were always secured in at least one way I went in the morning and it was a bit wet, but... read more

Emma K.

Tal G. Avatar

A great experience right here in Saint John 🙂 Loved the creative courses, nice challenges!

Tal G.
Connector669007 Avatar

5 star rating Curling team bonding Awesome day in the trees! Great place with a variety of options for climbers to try. Friendly and helpful staff. We found the courses challenging and fun!

Johanna F. Avatar

Great venue for outdoor family fun. Felt very safe on the course. Friendly staff were available for guidance when we needed...and encouragement to try the challenging parts! Great addition to Saint John.

Johanna F.

Marcel D. Avatar

5 star rating Fun and challenging! Great way to spend a weekend. A must for thrill seekers. Lots of exciting and challenging courses to try, we’ll be back!

Marcel D.
Ann S. Avatar

5 star rating We had a blast! My daughter and granddaughter, who is 8 going on 9 years old, went to TimberTop for a fun day. The staff were amazing! The courses are rated very well for difficulty levels. My granddaughter had a few times where she got stuck on the zip line, no fault of the course, and she got on one of the more difficult courses at the end of the day and was too tired to finish. Dee, one of the staff members, was incredibly patient and kind with her and did all her “rescues” including the final one from the course. All... read more

Ann S.
lauralF9461WN Avatar

5 star rating An Amazing Day After our visit today, I can assure you we will return! Beautiful location, well set up tree courses, SAFE (I felt very safe with the locking mechanisms, the safety briefs, the availability of staff, the course design!!) And an absolute blast of a day. We had one employee who took the time to ease my 9 year old into the courses. He was struggling due to fear and I couldnt seem to give him the courage he needed to continue. The staff member climbed with him the rest of the course, gave him advice, told him to test... read more


Natalie A. Avatar

So fun! Challenging course and staff are awesome! Great experience and well branded from start to finish! Can’t wait to go back!

Natalie A.
Keith H. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome time and amazing staff Took my six year old here today and we had an amazing time. my daughter had some confidence issues with some of the obstacles but the staff was amazing, one of them stayed with here and went through the whole course with her, it really helped her. Ill defiantly be back with my wife next time to go on some of the bigger courses.

Keith H.
Rebecca W. Avatar

My husband, son, and I visited yesterday. We were very impressed. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The courses were beyond expectation. They range from kid courses to extremely difficult courses. We completed three of the intermediate courses (after training) in about 2.5 hours. Even these courses were a physical and mental challenge. There was still so much more to explore! We can't wait to go back. Highly recommended!

Rebecca W.

Amber G. Avatar

5 star rating Great Saint John attraction! My husband and I just got done literally 40 mins ago. Staff is knowledgeable,friendly, and goes out of their way to make the experience great. Their equipment is top notch and I never felt the least bit unsafe on any of the tight ropes or dangling in the harness. It was a little more expensive than expected but honestly you get what you pay for. It's completely worth it!

Amber G.
iahudd Avatar

5 star rating Family trip We had a great family trip to TimberTop! Our group consisted of a 10 year old, 12 year old, teenagers, adults and we all had an excellent time. The staff were very professional, we felt safe, and the courses were just challenging enough! Would go back for another visit. Highly recommended!

Christa M. Avatar

5 star rating TimberTops I’ve tried it a few times now and have enjoyed every experience. Having different levels of courses is the icing on the cake. You get to choose how challenging you want it to be. My 13 year old daughter and I love all the challenges while my 11 year old is very timid and is still working through the green circles ( easier but still challenging).
And the Flying Squirrel jump is such a fun option.
I must admit it was scary as it’s a real trust fall but so much fun. Safety is so important at TimberTops and the employees...
read more

Christa M.

Melissa M. Avatar

5 star rating Adventures with AEI Wow! What a fantastic adventure we had this morning! Highly recommend checking this place out! We had an 11, 14, 15 year old and two adults in our group and loved it. Some of us went as High as the blue plus level, but there were other levels much more challenging. We will be back!

Melissa M.
MattL2082 Avatar

5 star rating Challenging and Professional Courses ranged from easy to very challenging something for everyone. The staff were kind, courteous and very professional.

Melyssad97 Avatar

5 star rating So much fun ! We had so much fun on our visit, there are lots of courses to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty. Staff was really knowledgeable and friendly !


Christine A. Avatar

Loved the challenge of climbing, swinging, balancing, zip lining, and of course the flying squirrel! Can’t wait to go back.

Christine A.
survived1999 Avatar

5 star rating Lots of fun! My husband, son and I went here for our ten year anniversary and we had so much fun...even though I had to be rescued twice and my son once lol. The beginning of the course is difficult when you are not used to physical exercise. Our son is 18 and he couldn't make it through....too much time playing games and not enough exercise. After my second rescue I was exhausted and waited 20 mins and got my second wind and finished the course. We will be going again next year. Everyone there was super friendly and one... read more

Rosie D. Avatar

5 star rating Pleasantly surprised I brought some teens to try out this course. After visiting Tree Go a few times I thought this park couldn’t possibly compare. Well, it turns out that timber top is as good as or better in many ways than Tree Go. Excellent sturdy construction, safety guides are always present and ready to climb if you are in trouble. Interesting challenges and long enough course to make it a day trip. Highly recommend. Will probably not travel to tree go again.

Rosie D.

Ceileigh M. Avatar

5 star rating Great fun for everyone All of the workers were so friendly, patient and helpful,especially the owners. All of the obstacles courses were fun, yet challenging. It felt satisfying everytime you finished a harder course. Beautiful location. Good quality merchandise as well.

Ceileigh M.
Crazyneveille Avatar

5 star rating Exciting Very friendly staff, a variety of difficulty for courses, and a good location. Definitely will be back again

jedwrds Avatar

5 star rating Amazing Experience The experience I had here was phenomenal. I’ve done equivalent types of activities elsewhere, but this one was far superior to the others. The staff from the beginning was super welcoming and helpful (Shannon and Megan - you were great), and all of the staff and guides were super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this activity to anyone who is from Saint John and to anyone visiting the area, you will not regret it!


Vicki N. Avatar

My husband and I took my 12 year old step daughters this afternoon. The courses were so fun and challenging & the staff was SO friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back!

Vicki N.
387tja Avatar

5 star rating One of the best Having done a number of treetop courses throughout Europe, this gets a huge thumbs up as one of the best that we have done.

A variety of different routes for different abilities, strong focus on safety, excellent equipment and friendly helpful staff.

Luke H. Avatar

5 star rating Great afternoon out!! Timbertop is great
Like how you can choose what courses you would like based on different difficulties
The double black is awesome, brutal but awesome

Would definitely come back

Luke H.

Christine A. Avatar

Loved the challenge of climbing, swinging, balancing, zip lining, and of course the flying squirrel! Can’t wait to go back.

Christine A.
Michellemnop Avatar

5 star rating Highly recommend! Went here for my sister’s birthday and we had a blast. Friendly staff, good price for water bottle and bars on the trail, and awesome obstacles!

juliaskidan Avatar

5 star rating Great corporate outing! We had an amazing company retreat at the place and I just loved the challenge!
I attempted the difficult level right away and made it through with the team support.
It is a wonderful location with beautiful nature and a waterfront. I will definitely be back there with my family.
Thank you TimberTop, you are the best!


sydmac7 Avatar

5 star rating So much fun The location is beautiful and the staff are great. I have a fear of heights and wanted to challenge myself. I felt safe the entire time and when I got stuck half way through the first obstacle course, the staff member that helped me was friendly, patient and encouraged me to keep trying. Because of this, I was able to finish the course and do another one. I definitely want to go back and try the more difficult courses next time!

Mark W. Avatar

We went with a large group, ranging in age from 6-40, and had a blast! Highly recommend to all visitors to St John!

Mark W.
Nods221 Avatar

5 star rating Great way to kill an afternoon, kids love it! Super fun, lots of different coarses for all levels. Staff was very helpful. It is a good value because you get three hours of coarse time.


Michelle H. Avatar

We had a great time!

Michelle H.
PureCarnage Avatar

5 star rating SEND IT! Had so much fun! Can’t wait to come back and conquer the triple black diamond!!! Great staff super friendly made it that much more enjoyable!

MoutainAir Avatar

5 star rating Fun with Friends I loved both the obstacles and zip lines! We all challenged ourselves by moving onto harder courses until we finished on the zip lines!


linwoodmichelle Avatar

5 star rating Fun for all of us! Our 18 year old picked Timbertop as his must do activity, and he wanted us to participate, as well. I am afraid of heights, or now I should say, I am nervous of heights. The training was encouraging, the flights well laid out. You can choose your comfort level, and take breaks as needed. Our son took off and did his own and we stuck to our level. Lots of fun, and great staff! More

Marcel D. Avatar

5 star rating Fun and challenging! Great way to spend a weekend. A must for thrill seekers. Lots of exciting and challenging courses to try, we’ll be back!

Marcel D.
Andrew B. Avatar

Great time! Great staff!

Andrew B.

ontvianb Avatar

5 star rating Awesome!! To quote the non athletic difficult to please 11 year old boy...”Most fun I’ve ever had!”

My perspective, reluctantly did this with him. It was awesome. Conquered my fear of heights for a day. Had a lot of fun.

Staff were respectfully attentive, helpful, always willing to help and answer questions/recommendations.

Must do with tweens, even have courses for little ones. Bring gloves but they will supply if you forget, and solid shoes.

johnsT3831ZF Avatar

5 star rating Family fun Great time spent 7 hours non-stop on courses, but we were trying to do them all. Great outdoor physical activity. Staff were friendly and helpful. There is a brief tutorial before you start. They use an interlocking system for the harness, so you are always locked on to a cable on the courses.

CMCmommy Avatar

5 star rating Amazing treetop adventure course!! We came for an afternoon with 2 adults and 4 children, ages 7,7,9,11. The staff were wonderful, very friendly and helpful. The younger kids and I did the two kids courses, and the taller of the two younger ones was able advance to the other courses. Lots of challenges and excitement for kids up to 9 or 10 who are either too small or a bit nervous for the bigger courses. The older kids had a blast on the green and blue courses. The courses are all fantastic!! We have visited treetop adventure courses in New Hampshire and in Quebec.... read more


Michelle I. Avatar

Such a fantastic set of challenges. I had so much fun and can't wait to come again. What a fun way to work out!

Michelle I.
davegallant1 E. Avatar

5 star rating Dave and Julie's Excellent Adventure! Friendly, knowledgeable staff who are very happy and willing to help. Felt very safe even though you can get really high off the ground. Jake, Ethan and Mike were very patient and helpful as we went through the training learning how to work the equipment. My wife, daughter (11yrs old) and dad had a great afternoon!

davegallant1 E.
Brad A. Avatar

This aerial park is amazing. This aerial park is amazing. I've been to three others and this is my favorite. The staff was very good at providing recommendations on course ordering. There are several courses here that allow you to be comfortable and have fun as well as test your limits. The mechanism for securing your harness to the safety cables is the safest I've seen, it is completely fool proof with pins to ensure only one carabeener is detached at a time. I will also make sure to come back to this place as well as I heard the staff mentioning a lot of... read more

Brad A.