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Prix du choix des voyageurs

Grâce aux efforts de notre incroyable équipe et aux innombrables commentaires de nos formidables clients, nous avons reçu le très convoité Travellers' Choice Award de TripAdvisor pour les trois dernières années consécutives ! Selon Magazine Forbes , seulement 4817 entreprises dans le monde ont reçu cette récompense, sur un total de 8,7 millions d'entreprises répertoriées sur TripAdvisor. En plus de notre 5 étoiles sur TripAdvisor nous avons également l'honneur de compter parmi nos clients un certain nombre d'entreprises. 4,9 étoiles sur Google et un 5 étoiles sur Facebook. Encore une fois, merci à notre équipe dévouée et assidue qui s'efforce toujours de créer une expérience mémorable. Et, merci à nos clients de prendre le temps de partager leurs expériences en ligne.

2021 Prix du choix des voyageurs de Trip Advisor

Les meilleurs classements sur TripAdvisor

TimberTop a été classé à maintes reprises comme l'un des meilleurs fournisseurs de produits et services. activités de plein air dans tout le Nouveau-Brunswick depuis 2019 sur TripAdvisor. En fait, nous avons constamment été dans les les 100 meilleures activités de plein air dans tout le Canada également. Nous sommes également très fiers d'être Le parc d'aventure aérien le mieux classé du Canada dans la catégorie combinée des parcs de tyroliennes et d'aventures aériennes de TripAdvisor !

Finaliste national

Encore une fois, grâce aux efforts de notre incroyable équipe, nous avons eu l'honneur de devenir un finaliste national du prix Air Canada 2021 pour l'excellence en affaires lors de la conférence de l Prix du tourisme canadien à Ottawa. C'était un privilège d'être nommé aux côtés de deux opérations touristiques de classe mondiale - Moment Factory et Hôtel de Glace. 

Finaliste des Prix du tourisme canadien 2021

Commentaires des clients

My husband and I took our two boys, 13 and 10 today. We had an amazing time! The staff were fantastic and friendly even yelled up pointers now and then when it looked like someone might be struggling on one of the obstacles. We are definitely going back, it’s such a great addition to Saint John
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Jodi A. 8/05/2018
I had so much fun today that I bought a season pass! Looking forward to many more adventures here! Timber Top rocks!!!
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Arjean B. 8/05/2018
5 star rating So much fun! My husband and I went on a date there and we had a fantastic time yelling yahooos through the treetops! The challenging routes were hard and fun at the same time. We will be back to do courses we didn't get to do!
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car0linefm 7/03/2019
5 star rating Great place to have fun and spend time with your family I am very glad that we have this place in Saint John. Children (7 years and 9 years old) had so many fun and got new experience. 9 year old is ready for the next challenge and asking me about the day when we will go there. At the same time she is thinking about having a birthday party there. I would like to say huge thank you to the very attentive and kind employees there!
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P1719RV_ 7/07/2020
5 star rating Great adventure. Our kids had lots of fun! Our daughters age 11, 14 and 19 all really enjoyed their visit, especially loved the zip lines! Staff was super friendly and helpful!
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J6427FCheathert 8/17/2020
I took my 2 girls a couple of days ago and they loved it, even though my 11 year old had to be rescued as she was a bit scared on one of the obstacles. Top notch staff and made her feel safe during her rescue from one of the platforms. Highly recommend.. We will be back!
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Melissa A. 7/15/2018
5 star rating “Most fun in my entire life” - 9y/o son This was a really fun adventure for my family, including 9 y/o son and 7 y/o daughter. The course was fun, challenging, and safe, the staff were friendly, helpful, and really seemed to love to be there and love to help. I highly recommend a visit to TimberTop adventures when you’re in St John
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HomesWhere 7/06/2019
5 star rating Timbertop was a hit From the get go the staff at the desk were friendly, and helpful through the waiver process.
The safety stay were great with the kids, who are shy. The staff helped ease the kids into a calm state. Boys are both 7
The time in the trees was very fun, worth the price, and worth the 2 hour drive.
We will be visiting again
The Bell family
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Cory B. 8/13/2019
5 star rating Just awesome We were up from NC and had some time to kill. Well this should no be considered a time killer. It is a main attraction! Beautiful tough and safe. And also not to pricey. Our son is a seasoned climber and had a smile all three hours. And my wife doesn’t really like rope courses but had a great time on the zip lines. The staff is great and the place is beautiful. You can save a couple dollars by bringing your own gloves which are required. Would go back again.
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Happiness557228 7/05/2019
5 star rating Awesome afternoon at TimberTop Spent an afternoon at TimberTop with a large group. The staff here are amazing!! So helpful, so patient, so kind... one girl (Meagan) even took the shoes off her feet to give to a youth who didn’t have proper footwear. Cannot wait to come back!
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J887YBjess 8/21/2019
I just want to say how amazing this place is! Even in the pouring rain The staff are all Fantastic, patient and helpful. I honestly can't say enough things about them! We cannot wait to visit again! In better weather next time of course!! Thank you Timbertop Adventures!!
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Jennifer G. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Great group activity! TimberTop was the perfect place to go for a group team building activity. The facility is spacious so you don't feel crowded. Excellent staff who are accommodating, very friendly and knowledgeable. The courses are designed with amazing creativity! They are both fun and challenging with various levels of difficulty. You leave feeling accomplished. The staff handled our group with ease and everyone had an excellent time. No need for the gym if you were to make this a regular activity.
Thank you TimberTop!!!
I will definitely come back for another adventure!
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Stacey S. 8/16/2018
5 star rating Great Place Fun for the whole family!! I live in Saint John and this was my first time going to Timbertop. I regret not going sooner! What a great place to get out with some physical activity! The facility and staff are amazing! It was my first time going and I bought a season pass later that day! Highly recommend!!!
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RyanE1990 7/24/2019
My daughter comes down every summer to visit me from out west. I brought her here and she loved it! Thank you for helping to make my daughters visit special. I highly recommend Timbertop!!
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Mark B. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Excellent fun! Well organized, great equipment and great staff.
Felt very safe the whole time and did not worry about the 8 year olds. We had an introduction to the equipment on a trial course and then staff helped us to our first course. We did the first green course, one kid was a little short and struggled, and didn’t want to continue on the big course. The other kid completed both green courses, one blue and the flying squirrel. We took them to the lower level yellow courses to finish off their day.
Amazing day!!
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Klkr4 9/02/2018
5 star rating Lot of fun!! Amazing staff and challenges for all ages! Was definitely worth the trip from moncton! Will be coming back!
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Nadia B. 9/23/2018
5 star rating Great activity I had so much fun! Perfect combination of exercising and having fun. I felt like a very secure monkey the whole time. Can't wait to go back.
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Nicole M. 8/29/2021
5 star rating Challenging Wow. What a rush! Physically challenging and fun. Conquer your fear of heights. Safety first their priority at all times. Ground coach with you on all courses. Well worth every penny.
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Laurie M. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Best Experience in Saint John! Our entire party was blown away by how much we enjoyed ourselves. We were all a bit nervous walking in because of the heights, but once we got going we were hooked. Great exercise, accessible options for most anyone, and an incredibly friendly and helpful staff made this a day we’ll never forget, and marked it as a spot we’ll return to several times to conquer new challenges!
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broadandy 7/31/2019
5 star rating Amazing day swinging in trees! We stopped for a day in Saint John for the day on our way back to Ottawa. We decided to try out this activity. We are two families traveling with 4 kids ages 9 to 14. It was amazing! The staff... all the staff, every single one there was helpful, kind and knowledgeable. There service was above and beyond.
The courses had something for all levels..even my youngest who had been nervous had a blast. We all had so much fun we would go back again and again...if we lived closer.
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Lilymaid69 7/25/2019
Had a great time today. Challenging and fun. A well organized adventure!
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Holly M. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Adventures with AEI Wow! What a fantastic adventure we had this morning! Highly recommend checking this place out! We had an 11, 14, 15 year old and two adults in our group and loved it. Some of us went as High as the blue plus level, but there were other levels much more challenging. We will be back!
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Melissa M. 9/22/2018
Awesome... way better than going to the gym. Rigorous, yet very fun. Great staff. At least 400% better than Treego.
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Matt W. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Perfect spot and a lot of fun Our family enjoyed spending time here. We stopped on our way from Maine to Nova Scotia. Husband and 2 kids used the whole 3 hours, and really put their skills to the test. My mother and I did one obstacle course and the zip line course then waited down at the picnic tables in the shade for the rest of the family. Safety is first and they do a good job of walking you through the challenges and being there when help is needed.Worth the money and time.
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NutmegStateTravelers 7/28/2019
Had a group of friends come in from out of town so we decided to try Timbertop out thinking we were in really good shape so that the adventure park would be a breeze, boy were we wrong! We completed all of the courses offered (even the double black diamond course) and the intensity does significantly increase each level up but you are given fair warning of the difficulty associated with each course. One of the most exhilarating and fun challenges that we've all had in a while and we cannot wait to go back! A great addition to Dominion Park and to the west side of Saint John.
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Emily W. 7/18/2018
5 star rating Awesome adventure! This was my second visit to Timbertop Adventures. I visited the park last fall and had a fabulous time. I was hoping that this year would be just as good. Not only was it as good, it was even better! The team at Timbertop added 2 more fantastic zip line courses as well as a triple black diamond route! I enjoyed the park so much and the challenge of the triple black diamond route that I plan to return many times this summer. I am even setting a personal goal to be able to complete the Tripple Black Diamond route by the end of the summer! It will be an awesome workout! I recommend the park to everyone. There are plenty of different challenge levels , so there is something for everyone, right from the true beginner all the way to the serious climber! It is truly a fun and enjoyable experience!
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David F. 6/10/2019
5 star rating Great afternoon out!! Timbertop is great
Like how you can choose what courses you would like based on different difficulties
The double black is awesome, brutal but awesome
Would definitely come back
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Luke H. 9/03/2018
5 star rating Lots of fun! My husband, son and I went here for our ten year anniversary and we had so much fun...even though I had to be rescued twice and my son once lol. The beginning of the course is difficult when you are not used to physical exercise. Our son is 18 and he couldn't make it through....too much time playing games and not enough exercise. After my second rescue I was exhausted and waited 20 mins and got my second wind and finished the course. We will be going again next year. Everyone there was super friendly and one of the men there helped my husband and I to step off a platform 36 feet above the ground that I would never have tried on my own. Everyone that works here is really friendly and so helpful. We will be back next summer with all of our kids and our granddaughter. More
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survived1999 9/03/2019
The staff are very friendly and upbeat. The courses are fantastic... there’s plenty of options for every skill level. We had an absolute blast!
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Jody S. 8/05/2018
We had a great time!
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Michelle H. 8/05/2018
5 star rating So much fun The location is beautiful and the staff are great. I have a fear of heights and wanted to challenge myself. I felt safe the entire time and when I got stuck half way through the first obstacle course, the staff member that helped me was friendly, patient and encouraged me to keep trying. Because of this, I was able to finish the course and do another one. I definitely want to go back and try the more difficult courses next time!
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sydmac7 8/30/2018
5 star rating Amazing experience Absolutely amazing time! We loved the fact that you could choose your own adventure and there were many different types of obstacles. The staff were all incredibly helpful and friendly. 10/10 highly recommend
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Laumazerolle 8/23/2020
5 star rating Excellent! It was absolutely fantastic! You can go at your own pace, split off into different groups, and take a break when needed. The guides are fantastic there. Isaac was so patient with us on the flying squirrel, and he was so encouraging giving the kids tips and tricks on how to conquer the beast!
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lynntJ9610GB 5/25/2022
Great time. Excellent courses and knowledgeable and genuinely helpful and friendly staff. Will be back for sure!!
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Paul A. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Great fun for kids and parents alike! What a blast! We visited with our 9 year old daughters and not sure whether the kids or the parents had more fun! Super friendly staff walked us through safety training - the harnesses have a nifty locking system to ensure you're always connected to a safety cable. We felt comfortable knowing they also had staff there to help if you ran into trouble - a huge thank you to Becca who was just wonderful in helping my daughter when she needed a hand. Large variety of courses of varying complexity all colour coded from 'green' to double black, and once trained you can choose your own courses. We've done these types of courses in other cities and nothing has matched the variety at Timbertop - we especially loved "Fly Like An Eagle", a course made up of 7 ziplines! Definitely check it out - you'll be back for more!
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TrailBlazer143364 8/01/2021
5 star rating TimberTop is Top Notch! We had the best day at Timber Top! The Staff is excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and someone is always around to help or give advice.
They have the best harness/safety system!
The trails offer easy and fun challenges everyone can do! We did a few of the more challenging trails and they were so much fun! We ended with the Flying Squirrel and the big zip line!
Can’t wait to go back!!
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EastCoastFamily2016 9/03/2018