Travellers' Choice Award

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible team and reviews from our awesome customers we received that coveted Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2020, and again in 2021.  According to Forbes magazine, only 4817 businesses worldwide received this award out of a total of 8.7 million businesses listed on TripAdvisor.  In addition to our 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, we are also honoured to currently have a 4.9 star rating on Google and a 5 star rating on Facebook.  Again, thank you to our dedicated and hardworking team for always aiming to create an memorable experience and to our amazing customers for taking the time to share their experiences as reviews online.

Ranked #1 Outdoor
Activity in New Brunswick

TimberTop has repeatably been ranked as one of the top outdoor activites in all of New Brunswick since 2019 on TripAdvisor. In fact, we have consistently been in the top 100 outdoor activities in all of Canada as well.  We are also very proud to be Canada’s highest ranked aerial adventure park in TripAdvisor’s combined ZipLine and Aerial Adventure Parks category as well!

The TimberTop Experience

Right from the very beginning, our team set out to create a truly unique experience when it comes to treetop aerial adventure.  We wanted it to be more than just climb a tree, go on a simple challenge.  TimberTop Adventures provides a fun, unique climbing adventure, and delivers the best safety & customer experience to all of our visitors. Here are 22 ways that we take treetop aerial adventures to new heights.

Customer Reviews

We are so appreciative to all of our amazing customers for leaving reviews of their experiences.  Below is a sample of just some of the hundreds of reviews that have been left over the past few years since we opened in 2018.

Victoria Clarke Avatar

The beauty, quality and challenge of this unique course will keep you coming back for more!

Victoria C.
I8064CGrebeccam Avatar

5 star rating Such an amazing time! Awesome courses and the staff are amazing 😀 They make you feel comfortable the moment you arrive and provide very clear instructions on how to properly and safely use the courses. Amazing and cant wait to go again!

Michelle Isnor Avatar

Such a fantastic set of challenges. I had so much fun and can't wait to come again. What a fun way to work out!

Michelle I.

103lyn2j Avatar

5 star rating Had a Blast! My family of 4 had a blast. It was a great activity to do as a family. I thought originally that it might be too hard for my 8 year old but boy was I wrong. She outperformed her mother.

Sarahjj34 Avatar

5 star rating So much fun! We had such a fun day! There were so many options for courses and everything felt very safe. This is such a great addition for Saint John.

Rachel Strickland-Haslett Avatar

Group of friends went on opening day. Simply said, it was all great, from the great staff, awesome atmosphere and the challenging circuits. Well done! Proud to have this in Saint John, and absolutely worth the trip to Saint John to try out.

Rachel S.

D1037HBmonicaf Avatar

5 star rating A great time! Had a great time! Felt safe the whole way through and enjoyed challenging myself on he more difficult courses. We ended the day doing the zip line courses which were super fun!

Debbie H Avatar

5 star rating Awesome! A great way to spend a day. Loads of fun and also challenging. The staff is friendly,knowledgeable and takes your safety seriously. I will definitely be going again.

Debbie H.
Nicole M Avatar

5 star rating Great activity I had so much fun! Perfect combination of exercising and having fun. I felt like a very secure monkey the whole time. Can't wait to go back.

Nicole M.

Mike Davidson Avatar

Our staff went to Timbertop yesterday, had an awesome time! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff helped us feel at ease. Challenging courses and tons of fun! We'll be back soon.

Mike D.
Marcel D Avatar

5 star rating Fun and challenging! Great way to spend a weekend. A must for thrill seekers. Lots of exciting and challenging courses to try, we’ll be back!

Marcel D.
Frank Fanelli Avatar

This was the coolest thing I have done with my family in a very long time! The TimberTop Adventures obstacle course was challenging both mentally and physically. It was exhilarating and exhausting in the best possible way. The staff was outstanding and so very attentive. My youngest had a tough time on the regular course and the staff couldn’t have been more supportive and directed him to the smaller course. He ended up having the most amazing experience. They did everything they could to ensure we enjoyed ourselves...mission accomplished! The emphasis on safety allowed us to feel safe, relax and... read more

Frank F.

Michelle Haines Avatar

We had a great time!

Michelle H.
Nicole M Avatar

5 star rating Great activity I had so much fun! Perfect combination of exercising and having fun. I felt like a very secure monkey the whole time. Can't wait to go back.

Nicole M.
Derek Edward Chaisson Avatar

What an amazing and challenge course, I cant wait to go again!

Derek E.

Stacey S Avatar

5 star rating Great group activity! TimberTop was the perfect place to go for a group team building activity. The facility is spacious so you don't feel crowded. Excellent staff who are accommodating, very friendly and knowledgeable. The courses are designed with amazing creativity! They are both fun and challenging with various levels of difficulty. You leave feeling accomplished. The staff handled our group with ease and everyone had an excellent time. No need for the gym if you were to make this a regular activity.
Thank you TimberTop!!!
I will definitely come back for another adventure!

Stacey S.
RyanE1990 Avatar

5 star rating Great Place Fun for the whole family!! I live in Saint John and this was my first time going to Timbertop. I regret not going sooner! What a great place to get out with some physical activity! The facility and staff are amazing! It was my first time going and I bought a season pass later that day! Highly recommend!!!

Matt Wallace Avatar

Awesome... way better than going to the gym. Rigorous, yet very fun. Great staff. At least 400% better than Treego.

Matt W.

TravelBean4 Avatar

5 star rating 10/10 would recommend! This place is amazing!!! SO much fun and I love how you can pick and choose different trails instead of only one trail from start to finish. I've gone twice now and plan to be back! They're also taking great care of employees and customers with their health & safety protocols. 10/10 would recommend!

Ronald L S Avatar

5 star rating first time to timber top adventures staff are very professional, from start to finish it was an afternoon well spent. took my two youngest grandchildren they totally enjoyed it. they wanted to stay longer, but the oldman in me was tuckered out. i even impressed myself having had a stroke two years ago. would most definately do it again

Ronald L.
Ann Daigle Avatar

The staff is amazing. Fun for all ages. Really recommend it as a family activity. Cousins bonded helping each other through difficult manoeuvres.

Ann D.

Vickers-marketing Avatar

5 star rating FUN IN THE TREE TOPS We had a great time. Many different courses for all to enjoy.
The staff was great and especially appreciated the safety aspect.
If you needed help there was always someone near to help you and were well trained.

Can't wait to go back and do it again as there were a few courses that we didn't do this time.

Jessica Lively Avatar

My husband and I were at the park today, we had such a great time. The staff is beyond friendly, happy to help and knowledgeable about the park, their calmness is so helpful (and appreciated) when you’re on the course. We will absolutely be back, and will encourage our friends to check it out!

Jessica L.
Christine Ahearn Avatar

Loved the challenge of climbing, swinging, balancing, zip lining, and of course the flying squirrel! Can’t wait to go back.

Christine A.

Gord M Avatar

5 star rating Awesome! What a workout! We had so much fun and what an exciting place to play for a few hours! Excellent staff was helpful and friendly - especially Shannon who made sure we were safe and ready for our adventure!

Gord M.
Brandon P Avatar

5 star rating Best time spent! Everyone was so friendly, and helpful. Lots of fun, I would definitely go again. It's best to go with 3 people at a time or less.

Brandon P.
Brad Aune Avatar

This aerial park is amazing. This aerial park is amazing. I've been to three others and this is my favorite. The staff was very good at providing recommendations on course ordering. There are several courses here that allow you to be comfortable and have fun as well as test your limits. The mechanism for securing your harness to the safety cables is the safest I've seen, it is completely fool proof with pins to ensure only one carabeener is detached at a time. I will also make sure to come back to this place as well as I heard the staff mentioning a lot of... read more

Brad A.

Cindy Duff Foglein Avatar

Great group of staff!! Had an amazing time!! would definitely do it again as soon as I can feel my arms again lol. A lot of arm strength needed!!!

Cindy D.
Melyssad97 Avatar

5 star rating So much fun ! We had so much fun on our visit, there are lots of courses to choose from with varying degrees of difficulty. Staff was really knowledgeable and friendly !

E. W Avatar

5 star rating Awesome time by all! We loved eveything about it(myself, my son - 15 yrs old and my daughter 11yrs old . But what we enjoyed mostly is that they have all level of difficulties. I love a good challenge and this one definitely offered that. We want to go again and tackle the double and triple diamond. So much fun and great exercise! …

E. W.

Klkr4 Avatar

5 star rating Excellent fun! Well organized, great equipment and great staff.
Felt very safe the whole time and did not worry about the 8 year olds. We had an introduction to the equipment on a trial course and then staff helped us to our first course. We did the first green course, one kid was a little short and struggled, and didn’t want to continue on the big course. The other kid completed both green courses, one blue and the flying squirrel. We took them to the lower level yellow courses to finish off their day.

Amazing day!!

Melissa R Avatar

5 star rating Fun and challenging Timber top Adventures is a fantastic ziplining park. The obstacles are very well designed with varying degrees of difficulty. The staff are professional, friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend this park! Thank you Tree Top for a gr

Melissa R.
Mollie W Avatar

5 star rating Excellent Rope Course My family and I were on vacation and saw the place in a flyer. It was one of the best rope courses we have ever been to. It was very challenging and most definitely made us put in our best effort. Everyone there was extremely friendly and brought nothing but the best experience for such a reasonable price. More

Mollie W.

RyanE1990 Avatar

5 star rating Great Place Fun for the whole family!! I live in Saint John and this was my first time going to Timbertop. I regret not going sooner! What a great place to get out with some physical activity! The facility and staff are amazing! It was my first time going and I bought a season pass later that day! Highly recommend!!!

forster_03 Avatar

5 star rating Great Fun with Friends! Had a great experience at the park with 5 of my closest friends. It was a great bonding experience, coaching and encouraging each other through the challenging obstacles. Surpassed my expectations for how difficult some of the obstacles were, quite a few of them gave me pause and really had to think my way through them. Only one of the five tried the double black diamond, and he failed spectacularly giving us all a good laugh! Thanks for all the fun!

AndrewD2541 Avatar

5 star rating Timber top Great time, Lots of fun. Would strongly recommend!
Also good prices. The staff were very nice, helpful and well Knowledged with all of the equipment.


Katie McDevitt Avatar

Had such a great time this morning at TimberTop! Challenging and so fun. A great lesson in perseverance for both kids and adults! The weather was perfect, the staff were fantastic. We will be back for sure!

Katie M.
Josh Michael Avatar

It was an absolute blast! I spent all of my three hours and much more challenging the both treego moncton and Fredericton! I am tell everyone how they should go and check It out!

Josh M.
MoutainAir Avatar

5 star rating Fun with Friends I loved both the obstacles and zip lines! We all challenged ourselves by moving onto harder courses until we finished on the zip lines!


RothesayD Avatar

5 star rating Fun and challenging Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Venue was kept very clean. The courses range from beginner level to extremely difficult, making it a fun day for everyone. A little more protection shout be put on bolts, my arms and legs were bruised up from hitting bolts. Other than that, it was a great day and a great workout!

Derek Edward Chaisson Avatar

What an amazing and challenge course, I cant wait to go again!

Derek E.
ML P Avatar

5 star rating Timbertop Went with a group of 20+ people of various ages (ranging from 6 years of age to 71) and everyone had a great time! There are courses of various difficulty levels so you can choose accordingly. Felt very safe with the mechanism which ensures hat one carabiner is always locked on the cable at all times. Would definitely recommend as a great activity and will go again!


iahudd Avatar

5 star rating Family trip We had a great family trip to TimberTop! Our group consisted of a 10 year old, 12 year old, teenagers, adults and we all had an excellent time. The staff were very professional, we felt safe, and the courses were just challenging enough! Would go back for another visit. Highly recommended!

Michelle Isnor Avatar

Such a fantastic set of challenges. I had so much fun and can't wait to come again. What a fun way to work out!

Michelle I.
GromitVA Avatar

5 star rating Fabulous Time with TimberTop We recently visited TimberTop adventures on June 15 and were so impressed by this top quality enterprise. Super commitment to safety and an excellent team ensured that our 8 year old (with special needs) had an amazing adventure! They were super accommodating and respectful of his needs and as a result had great success on both the beginner and immediate courses - proving that EVERYONE can enjoy this experience and have a blast!

The courses are beautifully laid out, the gear is in good condition, safety is not compromised. Even if you aren’t climbing it’s a lovely...
read more


Erin L Avatar

5 star rating What a blast!! We brought a group of 24 family members from age 5 to 45 and everyone left smiling, with great memories and sense of pride for challenging themselves. Highly recommend! Course was very creative and variety of challenges for the smallest to the daredevils. Staff were very friendly and did a great job keeping us safe and supported.

Erin L.
linwoodmichelle Avatar

5 star rating Fun for all of us! Our 18 year old picked Timbertop as his must do activity, and he wanted us to participate, as well. I am afraid of heights, or now I should say, I am nervous of heights. The training was encouraging, the flights well laid out. You can choose your comfort level, and take breaks as needed. Our son took off and did his own and we stuck to our level. Lots of fun, and great staff! More

Emily Avatar

Had a group of friends come in from out of town so we decided to try Timbertop out thinking we were in really good shape so that the adventure park would be a breeze, boy were we wrong! We completed all of the courses offered (even the double black diamond course) and the intensity does significantly increase each level up but you are given fair warning of the difficulty associated with each course. One of the most exhilarating and fun challenges that we've all had in a while and we cannot wait to go back! A great addition to Dominion... read more


Julie M Avatar

5 star rating Great day with the family Kids and I had a great day climbing through the trees...climbing opportunities for all levels. Two yello runs for small kids, green for those who are older and who are just trying for the first time. Blue trails for those who are more adventureouse and then black and double black for the daring tree climbers. Great way to spend time with the family.

Julie M.
drcook104 Avatar

5 star rating So much fun! Something for everyone. My daughter has no fear of heights so we knew she'd have a blast, but I and my teenage son are a little afraid of heights but we had a wonderful time. Little bit scary for the two of us at points but had so much fun. If we didn't live half a continent away we would be here all the time. They are super safety conscious and all the equipment is in perfect shape. The courses are of varying degrees of challenge - something for everyone.

Graham G Avatar

5 star rating Great Staff, Sadistic Courses... TimberTop Adventures is great place to spend a few hours challenging yourself and friends. But beware the course designer has a serous sadistic streak.

Graham G.

JoanneAttard Avatar

5 star rating A great way to spend an afternoon with kids! I had heard a little bit about TimberTop Adventures since it first opened but didn't realize until very recently that it had a course designed especially for the 5-7 year old age range.
My husband and I took our two girls to do the Cat Whiskers courses yesterday, and we all had a terrific time! Both of my girls (who are 5 and 6 years old) wanted to do more!
I was very impressed by the staff we met and interacted wtih - most of whom are young adults/teenagers. They were very friendly, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and engaging (especially with my children)....
read more

Kathryn Ellis Avatar

I took my daughter today on Little Whiskers, she got up the tree and was absolutely petrified when she got to the zipline. Maggie came up and joined us and talked my daughter through it and helped her over the zipline amd next few obstacles, after that my kiddos confidence was way up and she zipped through it with no fear. I want to thank Maggie so much for giving us a hand! My daughter did the 2nd course all by herself with no assistance from me and is already pestering me to come back and do it all again!

Kathryn E.
Jennifer048 Avatar

5 star rating Highly Recommend!!! This place is fantastic! Nothing beats spending a sunny day ziplining through the forest and completing some challenging obstacles along the way. The staff is phenomenal and the safety of this establishment is top notch! Highly recommended!!