As summer break draws to a close and Fall is just around the corner the leaves won’t be the only things changing – so will our hours! 

As many of our staff head back to class we are switching our hours as of today to weekends only – Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm.  Of course for Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day long weekend we will also be open both of those Monday’s as well.   We plan on being open weekends until November 13th, weather permitting.

But what if you have a group that wants to climb and the weekend just isn’t an option? We have a solution for that!

If you can bring a group of at least 25 climbers, we would be happy to talk to you about arranging to open the park for your group during the week!

This season we’ve had the pleasure of meeting climbers that came to our park with a variety of different groups. Here are the Top 5 group types that come to TimberTop for some fun!

  1. Company Team Building
  2. Sports Teams
  3. School Classes
  4. Youth Groups
  5. Clubs

With groups of 25+ you will get 3 hours of climbing on our Go Wild courses, as well as 30 minutes of training.  Please call us at 1-506-657-6060 or email us at info@timbertopadventures.com to discuss your group visit.  

The Fall is an amazing time to climb!  See you at the park!