We offer 2 adventures here at TimberTop. Go Wild, our more difficult package, is available to those ages 8 and older, and our second package, Low & Go, is available to those ages 5 and older.

Our Low & Go adventure is designed specially for younger ages, and their supervisors, or for anyone who likes the adventure, but at a lower height. With this adventure, you get up to 90 minutes of climbing, with an additional 30 minutes of training prior.

Our Go Wild adventure allows climbers access to all 11 courses, and now includes unlimited access to our Flying Squirrel. With this adventure, climbers are given up to 3 hours on the courses, with an additional 30 minutes of training.

Outdoor play isn’t just for kids. Come out and join climbers of all ages, and challenge yourself to conquer the over 110 obstacles we have here at TimberTop Adventures.