Travellers' Choice Award

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible team and reviews from our awesome customers we received that coveted Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2020.  According to Forbes magazine, only 4817 businesses worldwide received this award out of a total of 8.7 million businesses listed on TripAdvisor.  In addition to our 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, we are also honoured to currently have a 4.9 star rating on Google and a 5 star rating on Facebook.  Again, thank you to our dedicated and hardworking team for always aiming to create an memorable experience and to our amazing customers for taking the time to share their experiences as reviews online.

Ranked #1 Outdoor
Activity in New Brunswick

TimberTop has repeatably been ranked as one of the top outdoor activites in all of New Brunswick since 2019 on TripAdvisor. In fact, we have consistently been in the top 100 outdoor activities in all of Canada as well.  We are also very proud to be Canada’s highest ranked aerial adventure park in TripAdvisor’s combined ZipLine and Aerial Adventure Parks category as well!

The TimberTop Experience

Right from the very beginning, our team set out to create a truly unique experience when it comes to treetop aerial adventure.  We wanted it to be more than just climb a tree, go on a simple challenge.  TimberTop Adventures provides a fun, unique climbing adventure, and delivers the best safety & customer experience to all of our visitors. Here are 22 ways that we take treetop aerial adventures to new heights.

Customer Reviews

We are so appreciative to all of our amazing customers for leaving reviews of their experiences.  Below is a sample of just some of the hundreds of reviews that have been left over the past few years since we opened in 2018.

duskai2020 Avatar

5 star rating Wonderful experience at Tree Top Adventures Wonderful experience at Tree Top Adventures yesterday! We experienced pleasant and helpful staff at every turn, who went above and beyond to make sure my little adventurers had a safe and FUN experience trying difficult things, and (for the most part) conquering these hard things!

Valerie W. Avatar

The whole family had a great day at Timber Top! Fantastic group of people working there. We will be coming back!

Valerie W.
Denise B. Avatar

5 star rating Fun day with family We went with my niece and cousin's kids.Also my 67 year old aunt went. They all had a great time..sure they will try it again

Denise B.

mchrisite Avatar

5 star rating Excellent service, amazing experience TimberTop may not be the most difficult course (although their double black diamond course may very well be the hardest in the region) the service, quality, price, and experience are well worth the cost.

I would recommend this to anyone adventurous and wants some weekend fun.

Vclarke1 Avatar

5 star rating Exceptional fun - whether you climb or watch. I was hosting my brother’s family and have to admit that I enjoyed this attraction from the ground.
So with three kids ages 9, 11 and 18 and two adult men (my brother and husband) up on the ropes it was so exciting to see them challenge themselves and have a ball!!
Allowing climbers to be self-guiding while still being safe is a real differentiator for this great activity. The kids loved racing through the easier routes and going for it on the tougher routes.
The big guys sure loved the complexity and endurance the most difficult trails required.
Great team,...
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Lynn B. Avatar

Such a great course with challenges for all ability levels. Excellent trainers and staff. We will be back again and again.

Lynn B.

Vclarke1 Avatar

5 star rating Exceptional fun - whether you climb or watch. I was hosting my brother’s family and have to admit that I enjoyed this attraction from the ground.
So with three kids ages 9, 11 and 18 and two adult men (my brother and husband) up on the ropes it was so exciting to see them challenge themselves and have a ball!!
Allowing climbers to be self-guiding while still being safe is a real differentiator for this great activity. The kids loved racing through the easier routes and going for it on the tougher routes.
The big guys sure loved the complexity and endurance the most difficult trails required.
Great team,...
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Luke H. Avatar

5 star rating Great afternoon out!! Timbertop is great
Like how you can choose what courses you would like based on different difficulties
The double black is awesome, brutal but awesome

Would definitely come back

Luke H.
stevehJ1342WW Avatar

5 star rating New experience Challenging courses. There were lots to choose from at various degrees of difficulty. Staff were very friendly and helpful.


Kerri P. Avatar

I’ve done a couple of different tree top obstacle courses which were great, but I think TimberTop Adventures is the BEST. The courses were creative and well laid out. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Kerri P.
Jody S. Avatar

The staff are very friendly and upbeat. The courses are fantastic... there’s plenty of options for every skill level. We had an absolute blast!

Jody S.
ryanpburke11 Avatar

5 star rating What an awesome thing to do in Saint John What a great spot this is, well set up. I went there with a group of four and all of us enjoyed are time.The staff is awesome and extremely helpful.


Jonathan S. Avatar

We booked a staff trip to Timbertop and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The course offers something for every level and the assurances from the staff regarding equipment usage and procedures made everyone feel safe. TimberTop's staff are engaging, good-humoured and excellent across the board; from service to training and customer interaction–we couldn't have been more satisfied.

Jonathan S.
Cindy D. Avatar

Great group of staff!! Had an amazing time!! would definitely do it again as soon as I can feel my arms again lol. A lot of arm strength needed!!!

Cindy D.
Kathryn E. Avatar

I took my daughter today on Little Whiskers, she got up the tree and was absolutely petrified when she got to the zipline. Maggie came up and joined us and talked my daughter through it and helped her over the zipline amd next few obstacles, after that my kiddos confidence was way up and she zipped through it with no fear. I want to thank Maggie so much for giving us a hand! My daughter did the 2nd course all by herself with no assistance from me and is already pestering me to come back and do it all again!

Kathryn E.

ruhindar Avatar

5 star rating I am absolutely certain this is will enrich your summer! The staff!! Of course the incredibly thought out courses. Did you know you can book a personal experienced climber as a guide for a reasonable fee? This enriched our experience. The setting is a stone through away from a beach. I suggest pack a lunch and immerse yourself in this remarkable location. This is a must do this summer.

Laura L. Avatar

5 star rating Two thumbs up! Had a blast!! Some great obstacles for both beginners and experienced tree top climbers. Lots of fun!

Laura L.
Kelly K. Avatar

A great challenge yesterday!! My daughters and I went with two of their friends for the girls 17th Birthday celebration. What an awesome staff...the waiver process was easy, David harnessed us up, Emma taught us to clip and uncouple, Maggie helped us get out of few jams. I felt very safe (51 year old with healthy respect for heights!) and the black diamond was a workout for all of us. We’ll definitely be back TimberTop.

Kelly K.

Mrs_M_TO Avatar

5 star rating Fun family activity Very helpful staff, spent a lot of time up front to demonstrate how to use all the equipment to ensure we were safe. There were lots of staff around the different courses and were ready to help if needed. Our kids summarized the day as a combo of problem solving and fun.

Lana W. Avatar

5 star rating Timbertop Adventure Thank you for the great adventure as a spectator, I was able to watch my Husband and Daughter complete all of the obstacles and easily walk on the trail and even sit on the little benches to watch and take pictures. Staff were very amazing. Will definately to back.

Lana W.
MAGallagher Avatar

5 star rating World class attraction Our group of 8 (aged 8-48) had an amazing afternoon exploring the various courses. The staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. Every staff member we encountered went out of their way to make us feel welcome.
The high-tech safety system ensured our safety was a top priority.
The courses were challenging and exhilarating.
I highly recommend visiting this amazing attraction.


brookg1995 Avatar

5 star rating Excellent We were 12,13,25 and 49 years old and all of us enjoyed it. There were some that were extremely high so it was scary, but honestly it was so much fun. The staff were unbelievably nice and around if you ever need help and the guys working the squirrel jump were really supportive and understanding. Such cuties.. In the time that we were allotted we were only able to do one course and then the zip lining. However, it got really tiring for all of us so we were gonna quit anyway. Definitely recommend the zip lining course! Do not... read more

Erin H. Avatar

The kids and I had an awesome time. Fantastic challenges and very friendly and helpful staff. The Blue plus course was definitely the hardest according to my children as I met my challenge at blue. Thank you for such a fantastic adventure and such great bonding time for my family.

Erin H.
TravelBean4 Avatar

5 star rating 10/10 would recommend! This place is amazing!!! SO much fun and I love how you can pick and choose different trails instead of only one trail from start to finish. I've gone twice now and plan to be back! They're also taking great care of employees and customers with their health & safety protocols. 10/10 would recommend!


Vanessa B. Avatar

Went to timbertop today with some friends! A fun challenging experience and the staff were amazing. I even tried the flying squirrel which I loved and I recommend it for anyone that likes an adrenaline rush!

Vanessa B.
Laurie M. Avatar

5 star rating Challenging Wow. What a rush! Physically challenging and fun. Conquer your fear of heights. Safety first their priority at all times. Ground coach with you on all courses. Well worth every penny.

Laurie M.
Seaseeker11 Avatar

5 star rating For adventurers big & small They say that time spent among trees is never wasted time. Timbertop takes this to the next level with its awesome setting, very cool treetop challenges and ziplines and its general vibe. All of the staff we encountered were super friendly, knowledgeable and just seemed happy - which says a lot about how this place is run. I definitely recommend a visit!


Keith H. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome time and amazing staff Took my six year old here today and we had an amazing time. my daughter had some confidence issues with some of the obstacles but the staff was amazing, one of them stayed with here and went through the whole course with her, it really helped her. Ill defiantly be back with my wife next time to go on some of the bigger courses.

Keith H.
Nadia B. Avatar

5 star rating Lot of fun!! Amazing staff and challenges for all ages! Was definitely worth the trip from moncton! Will be coming back!

Nadia B.
caitlin e. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing!! I absolutely loved what TimberTop had to offer! Their courses range from easier and you get to push yourself to see how far you will go. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! I can’t wait to go back again and have more jumps on the squirrel fall!

caitlin e.

Krista H. Avatar

This place is amazing. Friendly, helpful staff. Very safe and a tonne of fun. I would...and have recommended this to everyone. I went with my family where ages ranged from kids ( 10, 11, 12, 13 and 17) to adults 30-50. We all found something challenging and fun.

Krista H.
Lynn T. Avatar

5 star rating TimberTop was excellent! My 9-year-old son and I went, and it was excellent. I was able to keep up with him, and the staff was excellent there. We stayed there for 3.5 hours but could have stayed longer if we didn't have to get back home. #Loved it.

Lynn T.
Elesha-lab Avatar

5 star rating Awesome! Amazing courses for all experience, and amazing staff!
We had a few rescues required, and the staff were there in less than a minute, and were friendly and professional!


J6427FCheathert Avatar

5 star rating Great adventure. Our kids had lots of fun! Our daughters age 11, 14 and 19 all really enjoyed their visit, especially loved the zip lines! Staff was super friendly and helpful!

Tal G. Avatar

A great experience right here in Saint John 🙂 Loved the creative courses, nice challenges!

Tal G.
Trina G. Avatar

Great everything. I'll be back soon!

Trina G.

joxrownski Avatar

5 star rating Excellent afternoon This is our second visit to TimberTop. We love coming here. The staff is very professional and friendly. Safety is clearly job #1 as there is a well presented orientation. The facility is beautiful and the courses are fun and challenging. Our party was amazed how 3 hours flies by. This is a ton of fun for all ages and abilities. Definitely worth the visit

387tja Avatar

5 star rating One of the best Having done a number of treetop courses throughout Europe, this gets a huge thumbs up as one of the best that we have done.

A variety of different routes for different abilities, strong focus on safety, excellent equipment and friendly helpful staff.

dough87 Avatar

5 star rating Great Fun for the Family I went with my wife and 2 kids aged 8 and 9. We all had a great time. There is the 'Low and Go' area which the kids enjoyed and then the "Go Wild" section which is set up like a ski hill with different courses of different levels of difficulty (Green, Blue, Black).


BAMonag Avatar

5 star rating The staff were unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience. Timber top staff were fantastic. The course became very challenging and I needed to be rescued a couple times. The staff were excellent! The course was fun. My 12 year old had so much fun and so did we. Would definitely be back.

Rosie D. Avatar

5 star rating Pleasantly surprised I brought some teens to try out this course. After visiting Tree Go a few times I thought this park couldn’t possibly compare. Well, it turns out that timber top is as good as or better in many ways than Tree Go. Excellent sturdy construction, safety guides are always present and ready to climb if you are in trouble. Interesting challenges and long enough course to make it a day trip. Highly recommend. Will probably not travel to tree go again.

Rosie D.
RyanE1990 Avatar

5 star rating Great Place Fun for the whole family!! I live in Saint John and this was my first time going to Timbertop. I regret not going sooner! What a great place to get out with some physical activity! The facility and staff are amazing! It was my first time going and I bought a season pass later that day! Highly recommend!!!


711theresam Avatar

5 star rating Great spot Friendly, knowledgable staff, clean park, safe environment. Good for all ages and levels. Lots of variety of trails. Very welcomin. Nicely shaded onhot days. Dont forget really good gloves.

Colin B. Avatar

5 star rating Great fun in a beautiful location Great for all skill levels and all ages! Easy courses for first timers, extremely challenging ones for people up for it. A great way to spend an afternoon.

Colin B.
MattL2082 Avatar

5 star rating Challenging and Professional Courses ranged from easy to very challenging something for everyone. The staff were kind, courteous and very professional.


Taryn G. Avatar

5 star rating Awesome Timbertop was an awesome way to spend the afternoon. It was fun, more than challenging enough for teenagers (and moms too!) and the people there are fantastic. We all had a great time!
Thanks guys

Taryn G.
Matthew B. Avatar

5 star rating A Great Find in New Brunswick We were on a road trip through Eastern Canada, and stopped for the day in St. John. We found this place online and decided to try it! It was an absolute blast! There were a lot of courses, each with different difficulty that were perfect for different members of the family! The folks running it were incredibly friendly and helpful and well. If you like rope courses and ziplines, this place is a must!!

Matthew B.
Amy H. Avatar

We found out about this place via Facebook and decided to take our boys last Sunday. Right from the start, the staff were very helpful and informative. The training was very clear, explained well and eased some fears (mostly Mom's ha ha).

Amy H.

795lorip Avatar

5 star rating Challenging Good quality fun for the whole family. Teenage boys loved it. Will repeat the experience soon with friends.

HomesWhere Avatar

5 star rating “Most fun in my entire life” - 9y/o son This was a really fun adventure for my family, including 9 y/o son and 7 y/o daughter. The course was fun, challenging, and safe, the staff were friendly, helpful, and really seemed to love to be there and love to help. I highly recommend a visit to TimberTop adventures when you’re in St John

Ashley B. Avatar

5 star rating Such a Fun Family Activity! Having done Tree Go in Fredericton I thought I knew what to expect but this was way more than that! They had so many different obstacles that were fitting to all sizes (child to adult) which made it challenging but a lot of fun! Our 10 year old was able to reach most things, with some effort, and it really built his confidence.

Staff was very professional, helpful and friendly. They made it very enjoyable.

We were only able to complete the green (easy courses) and a couple of the blue (intermediate) in our 3 hours because there was so...
read more

Ashley B.

Bill M. Avatar

My son and I went there for the first time and we had a great time. Not only was it a awesome workout, we had fun. I would recommend everyone going to Timbertop and trying it out.

Bill M.
CMCmommy Avatar

5 star rating Amazing treetop adventure course!! We came for an afternoon with 2 adults and 4 children, ages 7,7,9,11. The staff were wonderful, very friendly and helpful. The younger kids and I did the two kids courses, and the taller of the two younger ones was able advance to the other courses. Lots of challenges and excitement for kids up to 9 or 10 who are either too small or a bit nervous for the bigger courses. The older kids had a blast on the green and blue courses. The courses are all fantastic!! We have visited treetop adventure courses in New Hampshire and in Quebec.... read more

iahudd Avatar

5 star rating Family trip We had a great family trip to TimberTop! Our group consisted of a 10 year old, 12 year old, teenagers, adults and we all had an excellent time. The staff were very professional, we felt safe, and the courses were just challenging enough! Would go back for another visit. Highly recommended!