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Travellers’ Choice Award

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible team, and countless reviews from our awesome customers, we have received the coveted Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor for the last three consecutive years! According to Forbes magazine, only 4817 businesses worldwide received this award, out of a total of 8.7 million businesses listed on TripAdvisor. In addition to our 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, we are also honoured to currently have a 4.9 star rating on Google and a 5 star rating on Facebook.  Again, thank you to our dedicated and hardworking team for always aiming to create a memorable experience. And, thank you to our amazing customers for taking the time to share their experiences as reviews online.

2021 Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice award

Top Rankings on TripAdvisor

TimberTop has repeatably been ranked as one of the top outdoor activites in all of New Brunswick since 2019 on TripAdvisor. In fact, we have consistently been in the top 100 outdoor activities in all of Canada as well.  We are also very proud to be Canada’s highest ranked aerial adventure park in TripAdvisor’s combined Zip Line and Aerial Adventure Parks category as well!

National Finalist

Thanks again to the efforts of our incredible team, we were honoured to become a national finalist of the 2021 Air Canada Business Excellence Award at the Canadian Tourism Awards in Ottawa.  It was a privilege to be nominated alongside two world-class tourism operations – Moment Factory and Hôtel de Glace. 

Canadain Tourism Awards 2021 Finalist

Customer Reviews

5 star rating Great fun for everyone All of the workers were so friendly, patient and helpful,especially the owners. All of the obstacles courses were fun, yet challenging. It felt satisfying everytime you finished a harder course. Beautiful location. Good quality merchandise as well.
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Ceileigh M. 8/30/2018
5 star rating TimberTop was excellent! My 9-year-old son and I went, and it was excellent. I was able to keep up with him, and the staff was excellent there. We stayed there for 3.5 hours but could have stayed longer if we didn't have to get back home. #Loved it.
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Lynn T. 10/07/2019
5 star rating Such an amazing time! Awesome courses and the staff are amazing 😀 They make you feel comfortable the moment you arrive and provide very clear instructions on how to properly and safely use the courses. Amazing and cant wait to go again!
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I8064CGrebeccam 8/09/2020
5 star rating One of the best Having done a number of treetop courses throughout Europe, this gets a huge thumbs up as one of the best that we have done.
A variety of different routes for different abilities, strong focus on safety, excellent equipment and friendly helpful staff.
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387tja 8/17/2019
5 star rating Great experience all around! Excellent choice of obstacles & zip lines for all ages. Well worth it & will go back soon. My boys aged 10 & 11 loved it!
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David S. 8/18/2018
5 star rating Awesome Saint John Adventure This was the coolest thing I have done with my family in a very long time! The TimberTop Adventures obstacle course was challenging both mentally and physically. It was exhilarating and exhausting in the best possible way. The staff was outstanding and so very attentive. My youngest had a tough time on the regular course and the staff couldn’t have been more supportive and directed him to the smaller course. He ended up having the most amazing experience. They did everything they could to ensure we enjoyed ourselves...mission accomplished! The emphasis on safety allowed us to feel safe, relax and enjoy the park. This was so much fun! My tough to please teenagers were engaged, enthralled and most definitely entertained. If you are in are in Saint John, TimberTop Adventures is a must see and definitely a must do!
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Frank F. 7/17/2018
5 star rating Awesome! A great way to spend a day. Loads of fun and also challenging. The staff is friendly,knowledgeable and takes your safety seriously. I will definitely be going again.
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Debbie H. 8/05/2019
5 star rating Terrific Experience Beautifully designed adventure park. The staff were terrific and very patient. Had a wonderful day and some great laughs. I highly recommend TimberTop for all levels of adventure and fun seekers.
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Michele L. 8/13/2019
5 star rating Great fun in a beautiful location Great for all skill levels and all ages! Easy courses for first timers, extremely challenging ones for people up for it. A great way to spend an afternoon.
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Colin B. 7/26/2018
Great time. Excellent courses and knowledgeable and genuinely helpful and friendly staff. Will be back for sure!!
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Paul A. 8/05/2018
I went to Timbertop Adventures with kids ages 9 to 13 and I was very impressed with the quality of the equipment, the safety measures, the caring staff, and the beautiful setting! My kids loved every moment and can’t wait to go back. I felt really good about what I was able to accomplish.... I wasn’t sure I had it in me, but I enjoyed the physical challenge. It was a fantastic experience.
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Chelsea B. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Amazing!! I absolutely loved what TimberTop had to offer! Their courses range from easier and you get to push yourself to see how far you will go. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! I can’t wait to go back again and have more jumps on the squirrel fall!
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caitlin e. 9/08/2018
5 star rating Had a Blast! My family of 4 had a blast. It was a great activity to do as a family. I thought originally that it might be too hard for my 8 year old but boy was I wrong. She outperformed her mother.
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103lyn2j 8/22/2020
We spent the morning overlooking the Saint John River, swinging from one creatively designed tree top structure to the next. The staff revived our inner child with their infectious enthusiasm for playing in the forest. They continuously went above and beyond to ensure we were having as much fun as I think they do day to day. Even our 5 year old harnessed up and spent the morning high up in the trees (thank you Connor for being so attentive with him!) I even braved the 36 foot jump, and I am not the daredevil-ish type! Safe to say the whole family had a blast sharing the excitement, adventure, physically activity, and abundance of nature's own evergreen aromatherapy. We are so fortunate to have this here, we'll be back and you have to go!
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Kelly L. 7/27/2018
5 star rating FUN! You CAN do this!!! This was the most fun that I have had in a long time. I am 58 and moderately in shape for my age. But still, I figured I'd do more walking on the ground watching my friends than actually doing the courses. The equipment and heights looked intimidating at first however once I had my orientation I had no concerns about safety. In no time at all I was confidently clipping onto zip lines and whizzing through the treetops. I even jumped off the flying squirrel. For anyone who thinks this might be too hard, it really isn't. Go at your own speed and do as many courses as suit you. Lots of choices for ability levels. I am definitely going to visit again.
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Susan J. 7/11/2019
5 star rating Excellent Wonderful place to spend time with family and enjoy the adventure! Having fun while climbing, jumping, and wxploring the forest!
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ameralhalawani 7/11/2019
5 star rating Excellent Family Adventure Had a great visit to TimberTop Adventures with our three sons (18, 15, 13). A safe and challenging ropes course in a beautiful park setting on the river near Uptown Saint John. A perfect active excursion for kids and adults. Would be an excellent activity for corporate team building. On-leash dogs welcome. Thank you for a wonderful day.
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Storyteller281043 9/04/2018
5 star rating Fun All the courses were great and staff were friendly, polite and very helpful especially when they seen you looking around aimlessly. My husband and I finish mostly all the courses except 1 blue and and only did 1 black (the jump one) personal favorite. Definately worth the price paid. Cant believe it's in my hometown and I've only gone once. Will definately be back!
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Cooverston 8/19/2020
Such a fantastic set of challenges. I had so much fun and can't wait to come again. What a fun way to work out!
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Michelle I. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Soooo much fun!! All I can say is that this place is a must-do if you are looking for something exciting and different to try. The staff at Timbertop are very kind and knowledgeable for any questions you may have. I was very impressed by all the safety precautions taken for your comfort and peace of mind upon doing the course.
I love the courses! They have many different obstacles that are so unique and creative. Also, they have many different courses and levels, from beginner to expert. So Timbertop suits all skill levels.
If you like ziplines, Fly Like An Eagle and Gull For It are the ones for you! They have large zips that are soo much fun!
Another thing to try is Flying Squirrel, a free-fall before the bungee-like rope lowers you to the ground. It is intimidating at first, but once you take the leap it is worth it!
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GoPlaces57347431857 8/04/2019
5 star rating Great staff, great adventure! This was a highly enjoyable adventure! The staff were helpful and friendly, the courses were each unique and varied in difficulty: challenges for kids all the way up to some tricky and tiring problems for a recreational climber. My nine-year-old son loved the flying squirrel jump. The safety mechanisms are very slick and reassuring, such that even if you're inexperienced or absent-minded, you can be confident that you're tied in at all times, which is good for the peace of mind and therefore enjoyment. The whole family had a great time!
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lukechambers 7/31/2019
5 star rating Awesome Adventure for All Ages St John was a port of call for our cruise ship and we found this activity on Trip Advisor that we could bring young children to older adults. It was a easy short cab ride from the cruise terminal. The staff running the activity were exceptional in every way, they were professional, extremely friendly, hands on and provided excellent customer service. We were a group of 11 from the ages of 7- 58 and it was fun and challenging for every person. The owner manager was hands on and stopped by multiple times to make sure we were happy and satisfied. I would highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a little to a lot of adventure. Thank you to the staff for a great day. More
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David P. 8/13/2019
5 star rating Great family fun for all levels of experience and energy We took our two boys 11 an 14 and had a great time. There are few activities we would by an annual pass to, but this is one for sure. The boys are already planning their birthday parties there. The staff is really friendly. We got a bit turned around from course to course but staff were really helpful and encouraging. Next time I'll bring some water along on the course and maybe even plan a little mid way snack to see if we can keep our energy up a little longer. This is our 5th treetop type of adventure and the most challenging. We made it to Blue+, next time we'll hit black!
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Wendy M. 8/05/2018
5 star rating An Amazing Day After our visit today, I can assure you we will return! Beautiful location, well set up tree courses, SAFE (I felt very safe with the locking mechanisms, the safety briefs, the availability of staff, the course design!!) And an absolute blast of a day. We had one employee who took the time to ease my 9 year old into the courses. He was struggling due to fear and I couldnt seem to give him the courage he needed to continue. The staff member climbed with him the rest of the course, gave him advice, told him to test his safety harness, encouraged him and had all the patience in the world for him. What an amazing young man, who really made a huge difference in our day. Thank you to all the TimberTop employees who worked today, everyone was kind and helpful (and laughed at my rotten mom jokes)
COVID-19 Notes - well set up to receive incoming people, once on the course the mask could come off (given you maintained distance). Very well done given the circumstances of a global pandemic. Everything was smooth and well laid out (both electronically and physically).
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lauralF9461WN 8/28/2020
5 star rating Amazing Great place! Love how there are different difficulties and challenges along the way.
Would 100% reccomend.
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Mathewmatical 8/20/2020
5 star rating Safe, Fun and Professional Had an amazing time! Courses are appropriately graded and suitable for those looking for a challenge and for fun.
Staff are professional and supportive when you’re pushing through that tricky challenge.
Equipment well maintained and worked flawlessly.
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Pete_Etherington 9/06/2019
5 star rating Great day with the family Kids and I had a great day climbing through the trees...climbing opportunities for all levels. Two yello runs for small kids, green for those who are older and who are just trying for the first time. Blue trails for those who are more adventureouse and then black and double black for the daring tree climbers. Great way to spend time with the family.
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Julie M. 7/10/2019
5 star rating Climbing adventure for the rugged individual Bear-ly Possible is terrifyingly awesome. It is very difficult. And I work out - a lot. Still lots of options for the less athletic. New zipline trails (Gull & Eagle) are great for "relaxing adventure" rests between the more difficult trails. Was not able to complete the Weasel Nest...yet. HIGHLY recommended. Great staff.
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Matthew W. 6/03/2019
5 star rating Timber Top Two Thumbs Up! We've visited Timber Top Adventures and we love it! I completed the green and blue courses with my 11 and 13 year old sons. Staff are friendly, polite, professional, funny and most helpful! BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!
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Dreamer466713 8/19/2020
5 star rating Great fun for kids and parents alike! What a blast! We visited with our 9 year old daughters and not sure whether the kids or the parents had more fun! Super friendly staff walked us through safety training - the harnesses have a nifty locking system to ensure you're always connected to a safety cable. We felt comfortable knowing they also had staff there to help if you ran into trouble - a huge thank you to Becca who was just wonderful in helping my daughter when she needed a hand. Large variety of courses of varying complexity all colour coded from 'green' to double black, and once trained you can choose your own courses. We've done these types of courses in other cities and nothing has matched the variety at Timbertop - we especially loved "Fly Like An Eagle", a course made up of 7 ziplines! Definitely check it out - you'll be back for more!
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TrailBlazer143364 8/01/2021
5 star rating Highly recommend! Went here for my sister’s birthday and we had a blast. Friendly staff, good price for water bottle and bars on the trail, and awesome obstacles!
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Michellemnop 7/30/2019
We had a great time at Timbertop Adventures! The courses are challenging and fun. Our trainer, Ethan, was very friendly and professional as he got us into our harnesses and guided us through the training course. All of the staff throughout the course were helpful! We will definitely be back. Highly recommend!
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Gena F. 8/05/2018
I went with my Nan, aunt and cousin (who is a few years younger than me). We all had a blast! It was by far one of my most favourite memories of the summer and I’ve already been saying this summer has been the best. The staff were very kind and helpful. They made us laugh and feel safe. They knew what they were doing I was not at all worried about actually getting hurt, either the two clips we were always secured in at least one way I went in the morning and it was a bit wet, but it was amazing. A bit more of a challenge and just perfect I will definitely be recommending it to people, and I’ll be going back Next time, I’m going to be careful of the sap though I’m covered in it
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Emma K. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Great afternoon out!! Timbertop is great
Like how you can choose what courses you would like based on different difficulties
The double black is awesome, brutal but awesome
Would definitely come back
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Luke H. 9/03/2018
Clean, great staff, enjoyable, would do again
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Jordan L. 8/05/2018
5 star rating Great place to have fun and spend time with your family I am very glad that we have this place in Saint John. Children (7 years and 9 years old) had so many fun and got new experience. 9 year old is ready for the next challenge and asking me about the day when we will go there. At the same time she is thinking about having a birthday party there. I would like to say huge thank you to the very attentive and kind employees there!
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P1719RV_ 7/07/2020