Safety Procedures and Systems

At TimberTop Adventures, we have incorporated a number of safety procedures and protocols to ensure your visit is a safe one.

Continuous Lifeline System: TimberTop uses the Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which keeps users locked into the course from the moment they climb on, to the moment they step off. We also equip climbers with helmets and full-body harnesses.

Training: As part of a group, each guest receives training before they begin their self-guided adventure. Guests are shown how to use their safety equipment first and then complete a training practice course under the guidance of our trainers.

Daily Inspections: Our guides physically go through our courses each morning to inspect multiple aspects before we open. We also check customer safety equipment so it’s ready for when guests arrive.

Staff Availability: Our staff are positioned throughout the park to be reached during your visit. They are there to answer questions you may have and provide guidance while you tackle a challenge. Our rescue guides have received rescue training for our park and can assist customers if they need to exit a course early.  Please note that for our zip tours at Snider Mountain Ranch guides travel with the tour on the course. 

AED, Epi-pen, First Aid: Select staff have been trained in First Aid, including CPR. They have also been trained in the use of EpiPens and AED, both which are located onsite at our registration office at Dominion Park location.