• Get your vitamin D: natural sunlight is an amazing source of vitamin D! Thanks to the outdoors, you are promoting your bone growth, aiding in preventing diseases, and helping your body regulate mood. Sunshine = happiness!
  • Live an active lifestyle: It is no surprise that being outdoors promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Spending time outdoors and being physically active endorses good heart health and muscular strength. Why not be active, and have fun in the trees at the same time?
  • Natural environments improve mental health: The outdoor environment increases a calm, peaceful and focused mood, which in return decreases stress and anxiety levels. It is always good to de-connect from technology, and being indoors, and spend some quality time outside being one with nature!

  • Skill building: Outdoor activities play a major role in developing skills that can be implicated in your everyday life. Creativity, negotiation, problem solving and communication, are all some key skills that can be grasped in an outdoor setting. Better yet – bring a team and work on team bonding!
  • Being outside improves your sleep: Spending time outside takes away from being glued to tv screens and cellphones, which can greatly improve your sleep quality. It is important to get a good nights’ sleep every night, so spend time outside and improve your quality of sleep.

          Bonus reason: It’s a lot of fun being a kid – or being a kid again!