Our treetop adventure park is the magical, secret playground you dreamed about as a kid come to life. Whimsical enough to appeal to children of all ages (including grown-up kids), but challenging enough to work up a sweat, our courses fulfill your deepest yearning to explore, climb, and conquer.

Go Wild

Outdoor play isn’t just for kids. Make your way through some of the most epic obstacle courses around as you conquer challenge after challenge high up in the treetops.
And definitely don’t forget our various zip line challenges – catch gorgeous glimpses of the St. John River as you feel the Bay of Fundy’s coastal air rushing past you.  A thrilling 3 hours of fun-filled adventure awaits you as you tap into your inner Go Wild

Go Wild Ultimate Bundle

All of the Go Wild course access, for 3 hours, with unlimited Flying Squirrel jumps, and a water! The ultimate bundle for the climber who wants it all.

Go Wild Express

Short on time, but still want to experience the excitement of our courses? Pack as much as you can in 2 hours  at the end of the day with Go Wild Express.

Little Whiskers

Let your kids rediscover the thrill of outdoor play while building confidence, balance and problem-solving skills, all in our safe, well-constructed environment. With two different courses to explore, Gone Squirrelly and Hop to It, there’s no more exciting way to burn off some of that restless energy while climbing in the trees!

The Flying Squirrel

Look up. Look way up. Do you see that little platform nearly four stories up? That’s where you’ll be tethered to a jump line before stepping over the edge.  Peer out at a spectacular view of the St. John River before you take the leap!

What to Bring

Water and Snacks

Comfortable clothing

Full-coverage footwear


These are mandatory; we recommend work or fingerless athletic gloves. If you don’t have your own, we sell them for $3.50 for youth and adults or $2 for children.

Hair elastics for long hair

Completed waiver form

We offer the option to complete it online, or you can fill it out when you get to the park. Note that any participants under 19 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Picture ID

Make sure that at least one person in your group brings a government-issued photo ID to temporarily exchange for your party's safety equipment (harnesses, helmets, etc.). We will keep this ID safe and sound attached to card specifying the number in your party. After your adventure, and once all of the gear is brought back to our front office, you receive your ID back.

Locker Rentals

For any of your personal belongings, we have lockers available for rent at $4, for the duration of your visit. Limited availability.

Accompanying Adult

All climbers under 16 need a supervising adult on site (someone 18 or older). For ages 12-15, the supervising adult can watch from the ground and can supervise anywhere from 1-5 climbers. For climbers aged 8-11, the supervising adult (18+) must be climbing with the group and can supervise anywhere from 1-3 younger climbers. Climbers aged 5-7 must have 2 supervising climbers with them. The primary supervisor must be 18 or older, and the secondary helper must only be 12 or older. Climbers aged 5-7 and their accompanying climbers can only access Little Whiskers courses.

Safety First

Safety is our number one priority (ensuring you have a good time is a close second!). We use a top-of-the-line Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which ensures the user can’t accidentally unclip themselves from the safety line while in a course. Climbers are always secured with at least one carabiner until their feet are back on the ground. We also use the latest helmets and full-body harnesses to further ensure your experience is the safest it can be.
In Canada, usually treetop adventure parks opt in to specific safety regulations set by ACCT in the US as a minimum. We do more than simply meet these regulations – in fact, we’ve chosen to build our park to go beyond North American standards. We’ve opted to build and be inspected to the more stringent European safety standards – ones that have been around for nearly 30 years and were created in a place where parks like ours are much more common.