TimberTop Adventures is proud to be part of the Pledge 1% movement! For this movement, we pledge 1% of sales, and 1% of product, to give back to our community. In particular, we work with the Business Community Anti-Poverty initiative (BCAPI).


The Business Community Anti-Poverty initiative has worked methodically to break the cycle of generational poverty in Saint John. The initiative has been succeeding, as poverty rates have been declining in the city, as well as the numbers of those needing social assistance.


Even though poverty rates have been falling, BCAPI is always working and coming up with ways to keep this declining rate steady, therefore, they have recently put in place a new three-year project, When Children Succeed, We Break the Cycle.


This project focuses on providing elementary students, kindergarten to grade 2,  in the poorest schools of the city, with more resources, staff, and education. This timeframe of a child’s life is crucial when it comes to learning barriers, and these barriers can greatly determine their success in the future. BCAPI is investing in kids, which will in return reduce poverty rates. BCAPI is giving kids a chance to change up patterns that may be present in their lives now, and give them a chance at success.


TimberTop Adventures is very passionate about what BCAPI is doing in Saint John, and we are proud to be part of the movement!