Hey there New Brunswick ‘Staycation’ travellers!


In case you haven’t heard yet, this past week Tourism NB launched a new travel incentive program for this summer. To sum it up, permanent NB residents can receive a rebate equal to 20% of eligible expenses when they travel within New Brunswick on a ‘Staycation’.


All you need to qualify is to have a paid overnight stay somewhere in the province.  According to the province, all expenditures claimed must have been incurred no earlier than the day of check-in at the accommodations and no later than the day of check-out.


Because TimberTop Adventures is an outdoor adventure (a.k.a. one of the 4 categories of eligibility to claim this rebate), if you print and save your emailed ‘ Invoice ‘ from your time in the trees, you can submit it later to claim your return.


Visit GNB’s Tourism page here for all the details of this promotion!