As Saint John welcomes back the warm and sunny weather, we also get to welcome the return of the Saint John fog. When the warm air moves over the cold Bay of Fundy waters, it creates the dense fog that the city knows so well. Lucky for us,TimberTop and Dominion Park are located just outside the fog belt, with weather similar to Millidgeville and the Kennebecasis Valley. Thankfully, we still have some awesome reasons on why it’s fun to climb in the fog on those off days the park does see the city’s fog rolling in.

  • Climb high in the clouds: When you’re up in the trees with the fog surrounding you, you’re sure to feel like you’re climbing right through the clouds!
  • Perfect climbing weather: Being up in the trees can make you work up a sweat, so the cool misty fog is a great way to keep you cool and climbing for hours.
  • Added element of adventure: Those that have visited us before know that it is never a dull moment in the park. Having the fog around you as you climb just makes it even more of an awesome climbing adventure!

Have we convinced you yet? Book your adventure here. We’ll see you in the trees!