Bart and Janet Petley, owners of Petitmor Alpaca farm in Harcourt, New Brunswick, will be travelling to Saint John on May 25th to spend our Grand Opening with us. Accompanying them will be Willy and Morty! The Petley family have been alpaca owners for 7 years! They own 21 alpacas, including crias (baby alpacas).


Alpacas tend to be homebodies, but Willy and Morty love making new friends and going on trips- mainly because they know they’ll get their favorite treats, apples and carrots, if they come. Morty was the first cria born at their farm, he is very special to the Petley family, and has been spoiled the past 6 years because of it. Morty likes to be hand fed all of the grass, hay and special alpaca feed they eat. Willy, or “Whining Willy” as they call him, is always whining- or humming. Bart and Janet believe he does so because of the hard time he had coming into the world 3 years ago, and likes to tell anyone who will listen to his misfortune.


Along with being very peaceful and calm, alpacas are an environmentally friendly animal, and their beautiful, soft yarn can be used to make unique knitted items. Petitmor Alpaca Farm makes and sells handmade items made of this yarn at their farm.


Our friends Morty & Willy will be out and about on May 25th here at TimberTop, so make sure to come meet our furry friends!