Let us help you get ready for your wander through the wilderness!

Before you leave home to come visit us, double check that you’re equipped with these items:

  • Full coverage footwear. This is for safety (and some of us believe its for speed too 😉 ). Having closed-toe shoes protects you from hurting yourself, and potentially cutting your trip short. Some guides believe that speed lies within the sneaker; not too clunky and not too light, with just enough grip to help your feet fly through the courses.
  • Gloves. These are mandatory; we recommend work or fingerless athletic gloves. If you don’t have your own, we sell them for $3.50 for youth and adults or $2 for children.
  • Check the weather to judge how many layers to bring. On most days, we say you’ll be working up enough of a sweat that you’ll want to wear less anyways, but on days where it rains and we’re still open, a coat is a great idea to keep you dry 🙂
  • Protect your legs with longer shorts or pants. Our harnesses will be holding you up all day, and its not always the best feeling when they’re rubbing against your bare skin. Let your focus be on the fun you’re having!
  • Keep your long hair tied back with a hair elastic. This is so you don’t have to get a surprise haircut if you somehow get stuck in something. This is for those ladies with luscious locks and to those dudes rockin’ the man-bun.
  • A nice big SMILE! Seeing guests have fun in our park we call home is awesome! If you don’t come with one of these, we’ll do our best to get one for you 🙂

Your comfort and safety are the most important things to take care of EARLY so that when you get here, all that you have to think about is how you’re going to tackle the crazy courses right in front of you!