The safety of our climbers, as well as our staff, is our highest priority at TimberTop Adventures. Here are 9 ways we prioritize your safety: We use the Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, which keeps users locked into the course from the moment they climb on, to the moment they step off. We use the latest helmets that can take up to 8 kilo-newtons of force (that's a lot!).  We use full body harnesses. We make it

Bookings from schools and classes for the Fall have already begun so we thought we'd share why we think many groups are choosing to connect with us to create new experiential learning opportunities.  If you have a class or group with a minimum of 25 or more climbers (and the ability to bring ground supervising or climbing adults depending on the age of the student climbers) here are 8 reasons why we think you'll want to book your next outdoor

It's back to school already and as such we've now switched over to our Fall hours - weekends and long weekends from 10am to 6pm until November 12th, weather permitting. But worry not - if you are a teacher who was hoping to take your class outdoors and up in our beautiful big spruce trees this Fall we have a solution for you!  We love opening the park for groups 25 or more who want to schedule some time during the week.