Our staff members love to help your little ones climb!

We know a lot of our guests usually go and climb with their own kids, or find a family friend to help out with a group but occasionally there are times where you just can’t seem to find someone to go up with a little one. Don’t worry, we have a solution…

Do you have a young child aged 5-6 wanting to climb at TimberTop but you have a busy schedule and can’t find a second helper to “sandwich” them on Little Whiskers courses? 

Are you bringing a group of energetic monkeys aged 8-11 and you don’t have enough climbing supervision with them on Go Wild courses?

Are you a grandparent wanting to bring your grandchild here but you feel like your climbing days are behind you?


If you feel like you can relate to any one of these scenarios or would like to potentially hire a guide just to make you feel safer about your kiddos climbing up in the trees, keep reading for prices and details 🙂



Here at TimberTop, our trainers are available to climb with kids who need adult supervision for 7.50 +HST per half hour. By having them available per half hour, it allows you to make sure they only stay up as long as your youth need them 🙂


You must call in advance to reserve a trainer to climb with your group so that we can ensure we have enough staff available for that day.


If you have any questions, or you’d like to book a staff member to climb with your young one(s), give us a ring at (506)657-6060 or email us at info@timbertopadventures.com.

Hope to see you soon!!

-TimberTop Team