Bookings from schools and classes for the Fall have already begun so we thought we’d share why we think many groups are choosing to connect with us to create new experiential learning opportunities.  If you have a class or group with a minimum of 25 or more climbers (and the ability to bring ground supervising or climbing adults depending on the age of the student climbers) here are 8 reasons why we think you’ll want to book your next outdoor experience with TimberTop Adventures:

    1. Exercise in one of the safest adventure park environments in North America – and when we say exercise we not only mean physically but mentally with ample problem solving within our many treetop obstacles.  During any given TimberTop experience, students, coaches, administrators and leaders will find themselves climbing ladders, navigating suspended bridges, climbing rock walls, flying between trees on zip lines, swinging, and more. Through it all, our guests are secured with our top-of-the-line continuous lifeline system which keeps students, athletes, leaders and staff locked into the course at all times. Safety is our number one priority (ensuring everyone has a great time is a very close second!). Using Bornack SSB (Smart Safe Belay) carabiner system, we ensure that the user cannot accidentally unclip themselves from the safety line while in a course. Guests also use full body harnesses, helmets and gloves.  Guests may bring their own gloves or they can be purchased from us at a very reasonable cost.
    2. Ample parking, covered picnic areas and washrooms for large groups – one of the reasons we selected Dominion Park for our courses was the amazing Acadian Old Growth Forest in which we could play.  The other reasons were the already existing ample facilities provided by the city.  Over 100 paved parking spots and modern washrooms are available for guests to use and are adjacent to our facilities. Covered picnic table areas with 6 tables provided by the city are also located immediately beside our registration area and available on a first come first serve basis (which is usually not an issue during the Fall season).
    3. Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark park on site for cross curricular possibilities – Our home within Dominion Park is one of the key stops as part of any Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark tour. Our staff are knowledgeable about our region’s history and can answer questions about the geology of Stonehammer and Randolph Island (TimberTop Adventures and Dominion Park is actually on an island!), for those interested in taking a cross-curricular Science, Language Arts and Physical Education approach to your visit.  Some of the world’s oldest known fossils from the Precambrian era are located a 30 minute or so walk from where we are located which could provide another learning experience for those classes who have extra time available.
    4. 30 minutes of training at the beginning of the adventure and staff always nearby during the entire visit – upon arrival to our park, all students and staff will receive a 30-minute safety briefing, where everyone will learn how to use the equipment and have the opportunity to test it in one of our two training areas. After that, each guest is free to spend their experience exploring our courses with various levels of difficulty for their time allotted.  Our park is set up similar to that of a ski hill, versus having everyone following a specified route, like you’d experience at a golf course. Our bilingual staff will always be nearby to answer questions and provide guidance to help everyone conquer any challenge.
    5. Beautiful sandy beach on the St. John River for additional games – having a beautiful inland sandy beach only 10 minutes from Uptown Saint John is actually a pleasant surprise for a number of people who’ve lived in the city area for much of their lives and didn’t realize it was there. The beach is large and can easily accommodate other exercises and games that a teacher may want to introduce on their own while at the park.
    6. Almost 5 acres of hiking and fun – our course area covers approximately 5 acres and is covered with groomed walking trails to take you from course to course. We have multiple log benches to sit on for resting between climbs and we have a trailer located centrally in the courses where we offer water and nut-free granola bars for sale (which can be placed on a single tab for settling at the end of the trip if desired).
    7. Flexible scheduling and group pricing available  – since we are closed to the public during the week during our Fall and Spring seasons we have a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling your trip to meet your needs, be that with start and stop times or duration.  We only ask that you give us at least a week’s notice to work with you on picking the best date and time and gives us time to check with our part-time staff to determine scheduling.  Because your group will be 25 or more (the size we need in order to open up the park to a group) you would qualify for our best 20+ guests pricing options.  Once we understand your group size, age make-up, and requested duration on site we would be happy to provide you with a quote for your group’s visit.
    8. First Aid, AED, EPI pen and high ropes certified bilingual staff – our staff have been trained in EpiPen administration, AED operation and First Aid. As well, our guides have been high ropes rescue certified to a standard which exceeds the Canadian Adventure Park Guidelines.

If you love these 8 reasons we hope to hear from you to discuss your next visit to our majestic trees up above. Feel free to email us at info@timbertopadventures.com or call us at (506)657-6060.  For more information check us out at staging.timbertop.flywheelsites.com or at facebook.com/timbertopadventures


(photo credit – Leroy Vincent)